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Video is everywhere. Since YouTube opened Pandora's box, Internet, as we know, changed. Online video is media which is completely change the view to moving images. Very fast and in very short time (about a year) online video is mutated into hundreds of different areas for various purposes.
I'll show you here one variation of online video, called VOD (Video On Demand) or simply videochannels. For watching, you need just browser and nothing else.

What is Video-On-Demand?

There are some definitions outside, for our intention few of them are enough:
- A service that allows subscribers to retrieve and watch a selection of movies (on video) at any time. ...
- The ability to start delivering a movie or other video program to an individual Web browser or TV set whenever the user requests it.
- A pay-per-view television service in which a viewer can order a program from a menu and have it delivered instantly to the television set, typically with the ability to pause, rewind, etc.
- A system that allows users to select video programming from a broadband network. The system affords the user playback controls over a video.

Generally, VOD - video on demand - or videochannels - is a system/service which allow users to select what they want to watch.
In this group I'll show various videochannels which can be used for a lot of purposes:

Drive traffic To Your Site
Educational, fun or viral video always drive a lot of visitors to targeted site
Hundreds of thousands of entertainment videos are online and you can choose whatever you want
Education And Learning
With learning online, mostly with video tutorials you can improve sales of your products and services
Most important purpose, of course (we are in business social network, aren't we?). All videos or videochannels online could be powered by your own ads or other services ads.