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my dear friends,Almost anyone comes here want to earn money online and work from home,I just want to share my experience about how to make money online and work from home only use a computer, I love helping people out with making money online, because I know for one how it feels to be broke!
post you favorit programmes here.It will help others to make money online,of course,it will help you too.
Almost anyone comes here want to earn money online and work from home,but before you can really make money online,you must know somethings about work from home and make money online only by a computer,at least you should ask youself three questions:
1)Why can you make money online and work from home? or whose money do you earn online?

2)How much money do you want to earn online?

3)Which ways can help you earn enough money to let you make a living online and work from home?

Now,let's discuss these questions.In fact,internet is a platform that full of all kinds of informations,someone sells products or services on the internet,someone buy the products or services on the internet,thus,the seller can earn money on the internet.If you just want to earn $50 every month,you can join the PTD(paid to do something,include paid to read,paid to complete offer,paid to post,paid to survey etc)programmes,maybe you can earn more money after hard work and long time.but you can't earn enough money to make a living.I want to make money online and work from home since 2002,I join lots of PDT programmes at first,it took me lots of time,now I have many Referrals each of the programmes,but I only can earn a few money from those programmes.So,if you really want to make money online and wrok from home,you should quit the PTD programmes.Just like I said above,the money been created only by selling,you must be a seller, so that you can earn enough money online to make a living,but most of us don't have anything to sell,how to do? no problem,you can help others to sell their products or services,then you can earn commissions from them.This is the best way to make money online and work from home.This was called affiliate programs.

The Internet is spawning all types of new products and services every day, and you can make money selling them, but you must be extremely selective. You can make serious money only when selling products and services that fit a certain criteria.(1) It must have a large demand.That is, you must be able to identify a large group of people who would be interested in it.(2) You must be able to earn a bare minimum of 25% of the profits on anything you sell.There are far too many companies paying 5% or 10% commissions or less. The hard fact is, you just cannot sell enough of something at those commission rates to earn a substantial income.(3) You must be able to become a reseller absolutely free.
During my five years make money online and work from home affiliate programs experience,I experience many affiliate programmes,many of these are scam,but some of these are really work,now,I can earn a long-term, reliable income online,by the way, my english is not very good, if I can make living online,maybe you can do better than me,I have compiled a list of many different companies and buisnesses that pay. I will be putting more so please keep checking in. If you are looking for money making opportunities you came to the right place. Have fun making money!
All of these companies and buisnesses are completely free to join.The owners are honest and I have received lots money from them.Here is the list.For every affiliate program,I have given a useful introduction.please click to read.

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