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For all Those that think like :

- I've got 24/7 internet
- And how to make some money becouse I pay for it..
- I've try but....
- Surveys scams..
- GPT pays but what are the good one..
- I want to know which of them are scam ?
- I know what I want to know. Why I Can Not earn ? Internet is all over the world!
- GPT, GPS.... What is good what is SCAM ?
-What about autosurfs to promote ?

Post Please.. good sites and scams...
Please dont post the e-mails Websites.. (like : "we will pay as low as.. 0,001"), but why not.. I hope to try to make people "to be not to be begginer" .. like I Am ;)

So, Let's start !
Thak You !