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Hello there,

I have something here that may be of interest to you regarding further exposure to your business and as a fellow network marketer like me it could be another opportunity for you to make some money online if you want to take it on board.
Everyone I have approached in the business communities I am a member of have given me good feedback so far and are signing up to get in on the ground floor of this. Read on and I will direct you to a brand new website that launches next week. I am giving you the option to join this amazing opportunity before their doors open.

This online social networking community is called and it is positioned to capitalize on the widespread popularity of social networking sites (MySpace, FaceBook, etc) by offering members a unique service that offers video enabled profiles, video conferencing between friends, video dating and many other of the usual features that you currently use to entice and serve a growing membership.

A feature that makes unlike any other social networking site is an affiliate compensation plan that pays significant commissions for referrals. This option is entirely up to you, as you may choose to make money from this or participate as a free member.

I just wanted to get the word out to someone like me who shares my interest in network marketing and enjoys meeting new people and making great profiles to showcase. It just gives us another place to go and hang out and use some extra tools to promote our stuff, and stay connected to the outside world.

If you want to sign up and check out what I am talking about please go to :

Let me know what you think?

Michelle W