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Project E-Play is not your normal run of the mill network marketing opportunity.

· Project E-Play brings 3 powerful elements together.

1. Social networking. Those of you who are aware social networking sites such as "My Space", or "You Tube" have been an online phenomenon. In fact if you check the internets top visited and top ranking sites over 90% of them are now social networking platforms. I have been a member of one business social networking site for the last 2 years and during that time the company has acquired over 6 million members.

The trend is for sites that offer a platform for communities to be developed. i.e people who all have the same interest or hobby, to socialize and interact with each other under one platform. It could be a bunch of doctors with their own community, or a bunch of stamp collectors etc... This trend is on the up and it will be growing in the future.

2. On line casual games industry. If you go to my blog there you will read reports about what is happening to the online casual games, or recreational games, or family entertainment games. There is going to be a huge explosion in this industry and this has started this year and will continue in the next few years. In fat to get more up-to date information go to google and enter " online casual games", and NEWS, you will see more up-to-date information. Many big companies are getting involved, as always they have seen the opportunity and are jumping on it now.

In fact some casual games platforms have decided to link social networking concept and tools to their on line games platform, as they see their business growing by adding this feature.

The exciting thing here is that the company behind project E-Play have already done this in the project they have developed, well before these other companies deciding to go the same route. Except and here is the powerful selling point that Project E-Play has:

3. The company has linked another powerful element that no other company has done so or is doing at the moment. They have attached a multi level marketing pay plan structure to the project. This gives ordinary people like you and me have the chance to develop an income from this explosion in both the casual games industry and social networking.

The pay plan is so powerful that every high profile person who has seen it wants the project to launch right away. It is designed to help everyone who is prepared to put some effort to make a really good income. Even those who have never achieved much success in other opportunities in the past.

These unique selling points about project E-Play will blow the competition apart. These points are very powerful and it is very important to explain them carefully to our market/your members. These will set us apart from the rest.

I am sorry I can not explain the pay plan in this email, the company will not allow that, as they would like to release that during the official pre-launch event on July 15th.

However there are a good number of team members who are building their business now and have developed a reasonable structure to their business even at this stage, so I advise the rest of you who want to build a successful business to start doing the same.

I truly believe this opportunity will be a global phenomenon, and project E-Play, will become a house hold name in a few years.

I hope the above helps you to understand the vision and the concept and give you some idea on how to approach people. You do not want to go into too much detail and that is the best thing about building your business now before pre-launch, as you can not give too much information, just 3 way your prospects to me.

If any of you want to discuss any aspects of project E-Play then please contact me and allow me to help you take advantage of this once in a life time opportunity. Remember also there will only be one pre-launch and only one grand opening, so take action now otherwise you will be kicking yourself, when the doors open up to the rest of the world.

Here to help,