Sometimes, your garage space is eaten up by things that have ceased to be of any service to you like your old, wrecked car. One of the main reasons for not taking any action against that kind of an immobile piece of scrap metal is the fact that you may not be aware of services that help you clear up your garage space by taking hold of these wrecked cars and offering you a wholesome amount of cash for the same; something that you may not have cash for cars quote expected to receive in the first place.

At Aussie Car Removals, we specialise in Car Removals and wrecking of old, damaged cars that have absolutely no purpose of existence whatsoever. Whether you have MOT failures or possess a car that has long crossed its novelty in terms of model and make, we have the perfect solution. Functioning from Melbourne, we are one of the most sought-after car wrecking and car removal companies in the country known for our ability to promptly offer a sound solution for individual wrecked automobile problems and offer an honest amount for the same. The condition of the car is immaterial, as long as you wish to discard your old, damaged car; we have something for each of your requirements. If that wasn’t appealing enough, we also offer car removal services at absolutely no extra cost.

If you thought that car removal is all we are capable of, think again. We, at Aussie Car Removals, are known for our exceptional quality services when it comes to exchanging cars for cash. If you have any kind of scrap vehicular metal that you would like to be discarded, do not throw it away. Instead get it touch with us, we will take your damaged vehicle and in exchange offer you a lump amount of money for the same. Any kind of official formality including paperwork that is required is handled effectively by us to save your time and effort. We believe that offering quality service is important and therefore, our staff at Aussie Car Removals works relentlessly to ensure that all of your requirements are looked after. Selling your car has never been easy with OZI get a quick cash for cars quote with us.


  • Removal of unwanted cars, scrap cars and junk cars in Melbourne.
  • Offering cash for unwanted cars.
  • Disposal of cars.
  • Truck removal and salvage car removal services.
  • Car removals at absolutely free of cost.

At Aussie Car Removals, we have been working effortlessly in this industry for several years now and have a widely experienced staff and employees as part of our team who are committed to offering unmatchable car removal and car wreckage services to our clients. We possess state of the art and latest equipment including excellent quality tow trucks that are engaged in activity throughout the day. If disposing of your old, damaged and dysfunctional vehicle has been on the cards, Aussie Car Removals is perfect for you. We do not have any branches, but we do Top Cash for Car service in Perth & Speed Car Removals Perth.

If you would like to take your first step towards providing some breathing space for your garage or backyard by discarding the wrecked car that you do not use anymore and earn some good bucks for the same, call us at 0497 843 353. All you have to do is fill up our "Instant quote" form along the side of this page and a consultant will get in touch with you shortly discussing your needs and arrange for the pickup. Rest assured all the information that you share with us remains confidential and inaccessible to any third parties.


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