“Office Endangered Species”

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On the flip-side, they were also asked which tools will become abundant. The most popular responses were tablets, smartphones and flexible working hours, do you agree?

Gender Diversity – Should it be Forced?

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There is an increasing need to understand how workplaces are handling gender equality, but what is this the right way to assess it? Julie Coons, Minister for the Status of Women observes that the discrepancy between man and women’s average salaries.

Flexible Work Hours – The Future of Workplace Environments

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AIM stresses that the concept of the ‘ideal worker’ no longer fits with the realities of a changed society and employers should be encouraging their employees to exercise their annual leave entitlements and should be open to negotiating flexible work

The Science of Cold-Calling

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Sales representatives aspire to master the science of cold-calling. It is possibly one of the most challenging parts of their job description but definitely a necessary one and even business development managers are still learning the tricks of the t

EI Blogs

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Research has found that the Aussie workforce uses less of their annual leave entitlements than their counterparts in other parts of the world including the UK and Hong Kong,