All is Wall is the collection of great HD wallpapers & backgrounds of almost all the categories including 3D, Nature, Animals & Birds, Architecture, Bikes, Cars, Planes, Bollywood, Hollywood, Models, Cartoons, Christmas, Diwali, Happy New Year, Days, Games, Flowers, Beach, Love, Motivations, Travels and much many more.... All is Wall is the app that gives you the good looking & attractive wallpapers those delight your eyes. 


In All is Wall mobile app, we have found some funny ways to change the backgrounds of your desktop screen periodically on your signs.

        First of them is making a whistle sound. Quite interesting, isn’t it! Yes, you can change wallpaper by whistling against your device. Try it yourself and impress your friends.
        Another interesting way is changing the wallpapers by shaking your device. Just shake it & change it.

        It’s not over yet! You can change the wallpapers everyday , by selecting & setting wallpapers in the calendar. You can choose the backgrounds depending on the days like birthdays , anniversary , valentine’s day , friendship day & much many more…
        You can also command them to change automatically at a specific time period starting from 1 minute to 12 hours.

        But how will you get all these wallpapers into your device. Just get into the app, select appropriate category & choose your favorite images to download into your phone or tablet. From these downloaded images, you can select any number of images to add them into the queue which is a set of images those should be shown on your desktop.

        You can find the on/off options for all the background changing services in the settings page. And if you like our app, you can rate it at the app store & can like & follow on the different social platforms.

So, this is a beautiful app by WeeTech Solution Pvt Ltd to download and set backgrounds and wallpapers, no matter which device you use.


Ahmed G. Nawaz Khan Innovator   Freelancer
Excellent revolution in mobile's history.
May 12th 2014 01:34   
Muay Thy Junior  Muay thai classes brooklyn
nice application for mobile phone
May 12th 2014 02:43   
Sven Bruns Junior  Biosys 3011 - The End of World: A Futuristic Sci-F
May 12th 2014 07:07   
David Tuibeo Advanced  Mr.
have to check it's reliability....
May 14th 2014 03:36   
Miley Adam Freshman  Writer, Internet Market
great work :) WeeTech Solution
Jun 11th 2014 03:50   
Sister Kaite D. Innovator  rescued sinner,writer,scientist
wallpaper affects many aspects of your designed is important and sometimes even subliminally important or psychologically important what people see. Colors can also be important.
Jun 23rd 2014 16:58   
Rogério C. Innovator  Networker
Good...really good.
Jun 30th 2014 10:45   
Khalaf Alenezi Advanced   Environmental and Renewable Energy Educator
Great job and good luck.
Jun 30th 2014 11:02   
Amelia Tunis Senior  Internet Marketing Solution
Great Job, Keep up the good work.
Jun 30th 2014 12:12   
Haripada Roy Innovator  System Administrator
very good job , thanks
Jun 30th 2014 23:48   
Alick Acton Freshman  Forex Trader and Coach
nice work..i really like you work...
Jul 1st 2014 00:13   
Soso Loly Innovator  master web seo
good job...................
Jul 4th 2014 09:38   
Rose Frankie Magnate II   Internet eBusiness,
Best Mobile App Development Company
Jul 5th 2014 00:05   
Haripada Roy Innovator  System Administrator
good job...................................
Jul 10th 2014 11:36   
emily guo Advanced  Web Designer
not bad ,like it........
Jul 18th 2014 03:54   
Nicolaas S. Innovator  Affiliate Marketing
Impressive, keep on what you doing.....
Jul 21st 2014 13:43   
Lap Thang Innovator  Computer Networking
good job. try your best
Jul 26th 2014 07:59   
Jarar Hussain Advanced  Global Networker
good job try your best..........
Mar 29th 2016 07:33   
Priya Rawat Advanced  Hire Freelancers & Freelance Jobs
Now SEO SMO Web Design & Develop Expert gain the work from home in himself respective field.
Apr 19th 2016 03:41   
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