When you are about to purchase octopus in Australia, you will come across many different brands. Out of those different brands, Abrolhos Octopus has received lots of positive attention. It is one of the most trusted and reputed brands, which can cater the needs of people who are looking forward to buy finest octopus available out there. 

The story of Abrolhos Octopus
Abrolhos Octopus is a brand that was established back in the year 2018. This brand is based in a small fishing town named Geraldton. The fishing town is located around 400km away from Perth. This is a unique and a one of a kind facility. In fact, it is the only large scale fishing facility in the country, which has vertically integrated octopus fishing techniques.

Most of the chefs in Australia and around the world are keen to purchase octopus offered from Abrolhos Octopus. That’s because they are aware about the quality of octopus they can get and the unique recipes that they can prepare. 

Octopus catching and processing methods 
Abrolhos Octopus is equipped with their own license to fish octopus and offer best quality octopus for the market. The company is using latest technologies to streamline the octopus manufacturing activities as well. Moreover, they have twin-engine fishing vessels, which they use to catch a large volume of octopus. These octopus are caught from the coastal areas that are located closer to Abrolhos Islands. 

All the octopus caught by the twin-engine fishing vessels will be brought to a processing facility owned by Abrolhos Octopus. This processing facility is located at Harbor’s Edge and it is equipped with latest technologies. Hence, the people who work at the processing facility are provided with complete control over the processing methods from start to finish. 

One of the best things that you can see in the processing facility of Abrolhos Octopus is that they have minimized the time taken from start to finish. This contributes heavily towards the quality of octopus that is prepared at this facility. In fact, they ensure that octopus is prepared according to the highest quality standards and people are provided with the chance to get their hands on finest tasting octopus. 

The processing facility is responsible for delivering Abrolhos Octopus all around the world. Chefs who are aware about the quality of octopus that comes under Abrolhos Octopus brand tend to go ahead and place direct orders. The processing facility keeps on sending out octopus to the people in need. 

Abrolhos Octopus is a sustainable octopus’s brand 
You don’t need to keep any doubts in mind when you are purchasing octopus offered by Abrolhos Octopus. That’s because they follow sustainable methods when fishing and processing octopus, which is provided to you. They have also received the MSC certification for the sustainable practices that they maintain while offering octopus to cater the market requirements.

Abrolhos Octopus has a clear understanding about the steps that should be taken in order to balance the environment when offering octopus to the market. Then it is possible to cater the needs of the market without creating a negative impact. 

The company is trying to be eco-friendly with octopus prepared as much as possible. It is true that the coastal area that Abrolhos Octopus uses to fish octopus has a very high octopus density. However, they still keep on fishing octopus while adhering to the standards. In other words, they are struggling to create the least impact on the environment at all times. 

The unique taste of Abrolhos Octopus
When you compare octopus offered by Abrolhos Octopus along with octopus that the other competitor brands offer to the market, you will get the opportunity to experience a unique taste. This is another great reason available for the people to fall in love with Abrolhos Octopus and purchase the products that they are offering to the market.

It is true that many different types of octopus are available around the world. Taste of octopus that you can enjoy will vary based on this. However, the O Tetricus octopus can only be found in the coastal region located west of Australia. Abrolhos Octopus is one of the leading brands that offer these octopus to the world market. No other brand that offers O Tetricus octopus is capable of maintaining the quality standards of Abrolhos Octopus. Therefore, people who wish to enjoy uniquely tasting octopus can make the decision to move forward with Abrolhos Octopus.

The state of the art processing facility that Abrolhos Octopus has can process around 500 tons of octopus. Therefore, it has the ability to cater the demand, no matter how big it is. Based on the facts you got to know about Abrolhos Octopus, you can also make the decision to go ahead and purchase octopus they offer. 


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