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HERE'S HOW IT ALL BEGAN Since 1998, ClickBank has been helping digital entrepreneurs worldwide reach their financial goals by promoting digital goods and offering a substantial affiliate program. Through our innovative online platform, we provide you with all of the tools, digital advertising training, and trusted relationships you need to profitably market unique and useful information products to paying customers all around the world. Hereís just a glimpse of what we have accomplished over the past 16 years. And because changing lives for the better is highly addictive, our team is passionate about sharing this unique opportunity with the world and helping a million entrepreneurs become successful and reach their financial goals. . And because changing lives for the better is highly addictive, our team is passionate about sharing this unique opportunity with the world and helping a million entrepreneurs become successful and reach their financial goals. PIONEERING IN THE DIGITAL DOMAIN As a research scientist for the NSA, Dr. Tim Barber was working on some of the most difficult computational problems facing national security when a different set of problems and opportunities caught his attention and ignited his entrepreneurial spirit. In the mid-nineties, Tim recognized that the rapid adoption of the Internet would enable an explosion of websites and digital content. As a result, the Internet would become increasingly noisy, making it more and more difficult for niche audiences and digital advertising to connect. At the same time, he saw that while the Internet could enable commerce between entities and individuals around the globe, the lack of trust and fear of fraud would be significant gating factors to realizing the full potential of electronic commerce. In 1998, Tim, along with Eileen Barber and Geoff Hoyl, founded digital marketing agency, ClickBank. From the companyís early beginnings of operating out of the Barbersí garage and addressing commission checks from their kitchen table, ClickBank has seen significant growth over the past decade and a half. ClickBank continues to operate and grow by enabling entrepreneurs to sell, and customers to buy information online, in the most trusted and secure manner possible. EMPOWERING ENTREPRENUERS Today, ClickBank continues to help entrepreneurs worldwide achieve financial control and freedom by providing industry-leading interactive marketing features and services through our platform which remain unmatched in trust and dependability for digital marketers and product creators. THE FUTURE OF AFFILIATE MARKETING IS HERE. NOW. ClickBank is dedicated to helping creators of digital products connect with marketing channels who can share their great works with a larger audience and explode their earnings. Our affiliate program is devoted to providing digital marketers with amazing products and the highest levels of internet marketing knowledge and support never before seen in affiliate marketing. Learn more about becoming a ClickBank Digital Marketer or Product Creator or simply SIGN UP NOW.