You’re 50! The right rental property to buy is your key to wealth. Event Launch

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You’re 50! The right rental property to buy is your key to wealth. Event Launch

So you’re in your 50s and even during the recent rise in rates, you find yourself struggling to choose a rental property to buy or more than one to buy, as a low-risk, long-term retirement plan. You find there are waiting for lines and supply chain challenges, rising interest rates, and inflation too! Yet still, you find almost no matter where you look the demand is so high it exceeds the supply in many areas of the US. 

Not long ago, rates were at the lowest point in the history of all time at three and a half percent for investors. So it does seem like a massive increase when you look at today’s investors’ rates being close to 6%. Historically, five and a half percent or 6% is still super low. Many of the success stories we hear from our veteran investors are from people just like you who bought in when the rates were about 7.5%, even 8.5%. 14 years later, these rental properties provided a very healthy retirement for them. They are so happy and grateful they made the right choice for their family by finding the right rental property to buy.

“When I began investing in the 1980s, rates were 14%, and I could put a mere 10% down payment (with PMI). It doesn’t take a great mathematician to realize that with a 10% downpayment and a 90% loan at 14% interest, every single rental property to buy would start at negative cash flow. Yet this was not uncommon and this provided thousands of people with a healthy retirement plan, even the ability to retire earlier than they thought,” says Adiel Gorel, owner of International Capital Group.

But at 50 years old, rising interest rates and inflation can sound scary to you. Anything can sound scary before you know enough about it. 

Adiel Gorel, owner of International Capital Group has helped thousands of first-time investors make this next step toward financial freedom low stress, and in a way that provides them with a lifetime of financial security. Yes even through economic ups and downs for decades this system has worked for regular folks just like you and me. Gorel is hosting a free virtual event coming up soon to answer the question; what are the best places to invest in real estate 2022. Don’t miss out, on finding the right rental property to buy. click

This event will cover the ins and outs of cash flow and long-term Internal Rate of Return, which is the true measure of a great rental property to buy. 

“When you're 50, focusing on the initial cash flow side of a rental property to buy is the most common reason people freeze and in the end, suffer through an unhealthy retirement. Because at 50 it’s likely that all of your expenses are paid for by your traditional job or business. The rental property to buy isn’t necessarily the one with the highest cash flow, right now. The rental property to buy is the one that sets the course for Remote Retirement Riches.”

Imagine that the rates rise up to 10% and at 50-years-old with a profession already paying for the “stuff” of life, finding the right rental property to buy is still a no-brainer, actually buying as many rental properties as possible is a very savvy decision. Because the fact that these properties are financed via fixed-rate loans, the payments of the loans will never change, while everything else will. 

Adiel Gorel has seen this thousand of times over decades with investors and with personal investments in the right rental property to buy. 

Today, the initial cash flow may be negative. Tomorrow, which could be a year or two, whatever it is, it will get to break even because the rents do keep up with inflation, but the mortgage doesn't. It’s fixed. The day after tomorrow, maybe three, or four years, it's going to be positive, and then more positive and more and more and more. 

“The message never changes. The message is always the same. As long as the US still has a 30-year fixed-rate loan, that is fixed in the face of inflation finding the right rental property to buy can change a family’s legacy.”-Adiel Gorel, owner of International Capital Group

Adiel has been successfully helping investors find the right rental property to buy during so many different economic changes. Next year is going to be 40 years of him doing this. He sees the outcome of those who froze and come back to him ten years later in a complete panic, and those who took action and come back to him happily retired considering buying more or returning with the next generation of the family to find the right rental property to buy for them. 

“There's always an excuse for you not to do it.

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