Your Weekly House Cleaning Activities: A Detailed Explanation!

by James Spencer Blogger

Filthy and ill-maintained houses are a happy breeding ground for germs, bacteria and moulds. Which is why a proper weekly cleaning plan is quintessential to keep the house neat and inviting.

What Your Weekly Cleaning Chores Should Involve?

The first thing to do is to plan a proper list of cleaning activities and create a sustainable schedule. There are some cleaning chores which one will have to do more frequently than the others.

Example:- doing dirty dishes, sweeping floors, straightening out the bedding, etc. each of which requires constant attention!

Regardless, of the effort or difficulty that comes with it, ignoring them will lead to frustration and even costly damage. So, if you are planning your weekly cleaning to-do-list, here are some ideas to get you started!

Cleaning The Doors And Windows:-

Start by cleaning the doors, windows, its door knobs and its handles. They are constantly in contact with the outside dust and debris, and if left unattended, those dust and debris will build.

So dust off those loose particles using a thin bristle brush or even an unused paint brush to remove them. Furthermore; you can even wipe them using a clean cloth and a mild shine booster spray.

The Cupboard And Gas Cooktop:-

Most cupboards and gas cooktops are susceptible to germs, dust, grime and food spills. So, as your weekly cleaning chore, remove the dirt-built up using a wiper or clean cloth. However, it is imperative to do it every week as if the dust and debris are allowed to settle; then after sometime, they may be harder to remove.

For the gas stove cooktop, sometimes a normal wipe may not be enough if the stains are challenging. Hence, use a scrub soaked in lukewarm soapy water to clean the burner head and grates. Also, scrub the gas cooktop till all the dirt is dislodged completely. Then finally wipe it dry with a dry cloth.

Performing a Deep Kitchen Clean-Up:-

The kitchen is the most action-packed centre of the house. So, begin by cleaning all the kitchen appliances, namely the fridge, microwave, coffee maker, etc.

Also, wipe down the cabinets and countertop with a brush or a clean cloth. Scrubbing, polishing the kitchen sink and mopping floors (with the addition of vinegar in the clean water) will yield the desired results for sure.

Dusting Off Those Filthy Furniture Sets:-

Dust constantly settles down on the furniture set and on contact releases air toxins into the interior atmosphere. This can prove perilous to anyone having breathing issues or suffering from asthma. Even kids and pets can get affected by this incongenial breathing environment.

Top domestic cleaning experts in Paddington suggest using a clean microfibre cloth with an appropriate vacuum attachment to remove the dust settled.

Properly Vacuuming Germ-Filled Rugs And Carpets:-

The same cleaning approach can be applied when cleaning rugs and carpets. Apart from the normal weekly vacuuming; one should also look to shake off the carpets and rugs outside and launder it with quality washing components.

Maintaining this every week is important and will ensure the carpets and rugs stay lively for a fair length of time.

Cleaning The Bathroom And Changing The Bedding:-

Every night; one sheds dead skin cells which small organisms can feed on. Not to forget the filth and sweat you bring into the bed.

But it will be daunting to change the bedding every day. So, do it on a weekly basis. Change linens and wash them properly with a quality detergent.

As for bathroom cleaning, wash the walls, the floors, the bathroom sink, toilet and showering area with a quality disinfecting material. Also, make it a point to clean the doorknobs, windows and space behind the commode.

What Else Is Left?

  • Clean all the mirrors in the house by wiping down with a disinfecting wipe. However, if they are clouded with dirt, then an alternative mode would be to use a microfibre cloth and a quality glass cleaner to clean them up.
  • Make it a point to take out the weekly trash and clean the bin using soapy water. This will prevent getting exposed to those germs or bad smell from entering into your house.
  • Purge all areas of the house by keeping away those items and materials that presently do not serve any use. Discard spoilt food or unwanted items. De-cluttering the house is also an integral part of house cleaning. But it is also a time-taking one and so make it a point to do it every weekend.

Still, if all this is a little too much to handle alone, then it is recommended to hire notable house cleaning experts serving in and around the region.

These professional cleaning services will use advanced cleaning tools and methods to eliminate every trace of dust and debris settled on different house areas.

Plus, with their experience, they will ensure the cleaning is done appropriately, and in quick time.

So, speak to a notable cleaning company in Paddington and arrange a schedule today!

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