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Rules Regarding Lunch Breaks

California’s Labor Code Section 512 governs lunch breaks that employers must give employees.  Indeed, any employee working more than five (5) consecutive hours must be given a thirty (30) minute lunch break that is entirely without work.  Even further, if you work more than six (6) consecutive hours, an employee is barred from waiving this requirement.  
An employer that does not give its employee this mandatory lunch break may be required to additionally compensate the employee at his regular rate or, in certain circumstances, even more.
Because many employees are afraid of being fired or promoted, they may be reluctant to confront their employer to assert mandated rights.  But with the law on your side, and attorneys available to help, be sure to reach out to attorneys capable of prosecuting violations of Employment Law Lunch Breaks
These lawyers will know that if you are fired simply because you asserted your rights, there are laws to protect you that will make the employer the defendant in a wrongful termination lawsuit, something that often leads to a victory for the employee.
Those Annoying Robocalls
Laws surrounding robocalls work.  For example, in October 2018, a large California debt collection company settled claims of robocall harassment to many victims for over $9 million.  What rules did they violate?
By way of background, the following timeline is important:
-Congress passes the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) which limits a company’s ability to send pre-recorded messages to consumers.  
2012—The TCPA is greatly expanded to (a) require telemarketers to obtain prior written consent from consumers before making robocalls, (b) ban telemarketers from bypassing this requirement through certain means and (c) require telemarketers to afford consumers an automated "opt-out" mechanism on every such call.  
More Recently—In addition to the "do not call" registry, many protections now exist to protect consumers further.  
Our phones are inundated with robocalls each day.  This is because few people actually bring the Lawsuit For Unwanted Robocalls that would assert their rights.
How to Find Quality Attorneys
Whether it be for employment or robocall issues, the best way to find the best attorney to help you with your claims is through a personal referral, where you will already know that the attorney has been successful.
However, if you do not know anyone who has used such an attorney before, you can consult (i) online services, (ii) lawyer directories, (iii) business referrals, (iv) lawyer referral services, (v) local chambers of commerce, (vi) non-profit groups that relate to your legal issue, (vii) law librarians, and (viii) support groups.  
Importantly, before you make a final determination as to who will advocate on your behalf, it is crucial to (a) consider a specialist in the area under which your case falls, (b) interview anyone before you sign a retainer and (c) gauge if the attorney will communicate effectively, with you, judges, court personnel, witnesses and other attorneys

Although there are many quality attorneys in California, it is important to find competent, effective communicators with experience in claims for Employment Law Lunch Breaks or that know how to bring and prosecute a Lawsuit For Unwanted Robocalls.  

Experienced attorneys are able to help you achieve the maximum amount of compensation available to you.

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