Xiaomi XGIMI H2 DLP 1080P Projector - Give It A Wall, It Will Give You A Cinema Paradise

by Winola Gearvita designer
Better visuals and a better audiovisual experience are the reasons why most people like to go to the cinema. It is also the reason why more people are willing to choose a larger-screen-size model when purchasing a TV set. However, the problem is that the content that can be seen in the cinema is too limited and the large-screen TV sets slightly satisfy our requirements for visual effects, but also bring about space requirements and inconvenient transportation. Therefore, for those who aim to improve their quality of life, these two methods are not perfect solutions. Instead of these two options, the "screenless TV" is currently very hot.

"You give it a wall, it gives you a cinema paradise." This sentence is the most appropriate description for "screenless TV." In fact, the essence of "screenless TV" is home projector. In the majority of people's impression of the projector still stays in the simple projection function, the technology company represented by XGIMI, which is the ecological chain brand of Xiaomi makes use of its innovative strength and forward-looking to the market, creates products with the concept of "screenless TV". Due to their compact and light body, outstanding visual effects, rich Internet content resources and other factors, have been called innovative products that subverts traditional display by the industry, and have also been loved by many consumers. The Xiaomi XGIMI H2 projector is one of them.

Xiaomi XGIMI H2 DLP Projector

The XGIMI H2 has the following advantages: First, the brightness of 1350 ANSI lumens - as another form of display of the screen, the lumen value affects the actual effect of the projection, and also determines our actual visual experience. Second, a variety of optimization techniques - whether it is the smart calibration function or the motion compensation technology, can bring more direct convenience in the actual experience. Third, Harman/Kardon audio, which support Dolby decoding - sound effects are also a very important part of audio and video entertainment. Fourth, more resources content - almost all video sites are available. Five, the design of the details - auto lens cap , comprehensive data interfaces, etc..

"Simplicity" will be the first impression that the XGIMI H2 gives you. The body is dominated by silver, and the top and bottom are made of classic black. The combination of these two colors, combined with the dense oval holes, giving the whole device a full sense of technology. The back and bottom of the H2 are also equipped with various interfaces, in addition to the commonly used USB2.0, USB3.0, HDMI jacks, S/PDIF digital audio jack, and even 3.5mm headphone jack are available. According to personal habits, the USB and HDMI interfaces are the most practical. Any video resources can be directly plugged in to play, those who like to play games may prefer the HDMI interface.

Xiaomi XGIMI H2 Full HD Projector

As mentioned above, sound effects is one of the focuses of choosing a projector. The Harman/Kardon stereo on the Xiaomi XGIMI H2 supports two-channel stereo surround sound and is equipped with bidirectional passive bass diaphragm for more powerful sound effects when watching movies. Of course, in everyday use, you can also use it as a Bluetooth speaker. It is worth mentioning that the physical buttons on the upper part of the H2, in addition to the play/pause, next song, music mode buttons are all listed, a red line hidden in it can be called wonderful, it can be used to adjust the volume by sliding left and right. This design that combines practicality and sense of technology, can be regarded as a highlight of the appearance of XGIMI M2.

The most attractive highlight of the XGIMI H2 is the 1350 ANSI lumens high brightness. The effect of high lumens on the projection effect is obvious, as long as you have experienced the ordinary projectors with weak performance during the day because of the insufficient lumen value, you will be surprised by the projection ability of the H2. The XGIMI H2 has a 1080P HD resolution and 1350 ANSI lumens high brightness, in the case of not opening the curtains during the day, the brightness of the picture it presents is already enough to make you see the details of the picture clearly. In terms of projection, the H2 has another detail. When you turn on or off the power supply, the auto lens cap will automatically expand and contract. This design further enhances the sense of technology of the whole device, while eliminating the trouble of losing lens cap. 

Sometimes the projector needs to be side-projected because of the space problem, which causes the whole projection image to be deformed. Although many projectors have manual calibration function, it is very troublesome to operate. The smart auxiliary correction function of the XGIMI H2 is very powerful. With one-button correction, the projected image corrects the autofocus automatically and restores the best projection effect. The XGIMI H2 also features motion compensation technology that compensates for the smearing and jitter of high-motion pictures with a specific interpolation algorithm, which means that when you are watching the ongoing World Cup, the picture will be clearer and smoother, giving you the feeling of being on the scene.

Xiaomi XGIMI H2 DLP Full HD Projector

The XGIMI H2 also offers a variety of control options. The included 12-key remote control is very simple to operate, including adjusting the volume, adjusting the focus, autofocus calibration, and more. If you think it's cumbersome, then there is a simpler way - voice control. You just need to press and hold the wake-up button on the remote control, and say "tune up the sound" or "tune down the sound". Of course, you can also use it to quickly search for the movie you want to watch, set up the system, and more.

This projector supports the native resolution of 1920 × 1080P, can display a more precise output that is 2.25x times clearer than the other 720P projectors, easily turn a white wall into a massive display up to 300-inch with crisp and sharp image. It boasts a cutting-edge Mstar 838 CPU with powerful Cortex-A53 structure, high performance Mali T820MP3 GPU, 2GB RAM and 16G internal storage, the super high quality hardware meets your video and gaming needs. It is based on cinema grade technology for 3D imaging using the DLP active shutter. With the 3D setting function, you can convert the regular 2D movie into a 3D movie, so that you can enjoy the cinema-level visual feast at home.

XGIMI H2 DLP Projector

The above said that the XGIMI H2 projector is so versatile, what kind of surprises does the H2 have brought to us on our most concerned content? As everyone knows, in this era of content is king, if a product is only outstanding in appearance, it will certainly not be recognized by the market. XGIMI H2 integrates the video resources of many platforms, it is not an exaggeration to say that H2 has whatever you want to watch. 

At the same time, in the GMUI3.1 system, various types of video resources are also subdivided, which are displayed in front of you through classification or special subject, which is convenient for you to search. These include the 4K zone, the variety zone, the movie zone, the children zone and the sports zone. If you are not satisfied with these contents, you can also go to the XGIMI application center to download and install other third-party APKs, and there are multiple Apps ready for you in advance.

In your free time, whether it is watching variety, watching a movie, or playing a game, the XGIMI H2 gives a little sense of ritual in our life, and has recovered the our long-lost interest in watching movies. If you are a person who pursues the quality of life and are interested in cool technology products, the XGIMI H2 on gearvita will definitely bring you a different experience.

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