Why Is Driving With Bald Tyres Dangerous on The Roads of The UK?

by Phillip Thomas Digital Marketer

Have you ever noticed the sole of your shoes? If yes, you must have observed that the sole are, usually, grooved.

What do you say? It is some random design that the designers make? You're, actually, mistaken if you agree with this statement.

The designs you see on the sole of the shoe are present there for a valid purpose. In fact, the shoe designers want you to keep you safe while you walk on the pavement wearing your shoes. The deep narrow cuts in the shoe’s sole increase the friction against the surface. Therefore, you do not fall while you walk or run.

Now you have got the point!

So, it would help if you would not walk with shoes having a bald sole.


Similarly, you must not drive with bald tyres. Leave slippery or deconstructed roads; driving with bald tyres is not safe on well-constructed and smooth highways as well. This is not only our claim but experts after conducting researches say that the chances of accidents happening on the highways increase with bald tyres.

The Conclusion Is Obvious!

Tyres’ treads, on the surface of tyres, are designed to enhance traction to provide a perfect grip on the ground. Moreover, the role of tyre treads is more important in unfavourable weather conditions, such as ice, snow, mud, dust, or rain. You have to consider that bald tyres do not provide better traction even in normal weather conditions. Thus, it is not secure to drive a car on wet and slick roads with bald tyres on.

Now, the second conclusion is –

Bald Nexen Winter Tyres are Extremely Dangerous.

Excessive heat is generated due to the friction between the tyres and the surface. As a result, a bald tyre is more likely to blowout. Further, tyre treads allow air to pass through the grooves to keep the tyres cool. Thus, the heat in tyres never reaches the warning level.

The other risk of using bald tyres is hydroplaning. This condition takes place when the vehicle is running on wet roads. Tread pattern in the tyres helps disperse the water quickly to improve the grip even on the wet roads.

Similarly, driving a car on snowy roads is highly risky with worn tyres. Treads in the tyres hold the snow effectively, and the tyres do not lose their grip on icy highways.

Experts say that bald tyres lose the air pressure faster than tyres with proper tread pattern. Additionally, worn tyres become more dangerous if they are under-inflated. Skidding of the car becomes frequent if you drive with under-inflated worn tyres. Bald Dunlop Tyres may blow out any time, and the threat is more likely when the vehicle is running on the road at high speed.

What is Our Final Suggestion?

Without any doubt, we advise you to change the bald tyres immediately. To prevent balding of tyre rotating the tyres after a certain period is recommended by almost every car service expert. Thus, replace your tyres when they are completely worn out. For more help regarding Yokohama Tyres you can visit us, at Phillips Tyres, a trusted centre for car services.

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