Working Principle, Characteristics and Applications of MIG Welding

by Longevity Inc Industrial Mechanical
MIG refers to Metal Inert Gas welding and is one of the most efficient welding processes. This process is utilized for welding thin to medium thickness metals. In this process, a consumable electrode, filler metal and a shielding gas such as argon, helium or carbon dioxide is used. MIG is one of the easiest types of welding process to learn as it doesn’t require higher skills to get results. 

Working principle

In MIG welding process, continuous consumable wire is heated and fed through the torch or gun into the weld pool. This melts the metal work pieces and joins them together. This welding torch or gun has a separate gas nozzle as well which emits a shielding gas around the weld which protects it from air borne contaminants. 

The weld is produced when the positive electrodes of the continuous feed wire comes into contact with the negative electrodes of the metal work piece. It allows the current to pass through the wire which melts the work piece beyond its melting point. 

Characteristics of MIG welding process

• It offers higher deposition rate and productivity
• MIG technique is faster as it continuously supplies a filler metal
• No slag is formed during the weld bead
• It is a semi-automated process and produces clean weld with higher quality 
• Can be used to weld in different positions
• Easier to learn in comparison with other welding forms
• Is used to weld in a continuous manner and give you lengthy welds

Applications of MIG welding

Applications of MIG welding widely ranges from smaller welding shops to larger parts of welding industry. One of the most common applications of MIG welding is the automotive repair. It can be used for all automobiles no matter what the size is; small, medium or large. 

MIG is also used in robotics as it produces much faster welds. It is used in pipe welds as it is a better choice when it comes to time spent and cost involved. This welding technique is utilized for welding a variety of metals including the non-ferrous ones. For MIG weld, the welding professional has to choose the correct filler wire and the shielding gas depending on the metal to be weld. 

For all your MIG welding needs, you can buy a high quality and durable MIG welding equipment from a leading manufacturer and supplier like Longevity-inc. They offer a wide variety of MIG welders for the welding professionals and enthusiasts from 100 amps for the DIY market to 500 amps for industrial welding. Their MIG welding lineup features machines that are capable of flux-cored welding and gas welding. These MIG welders are both 110v and 220v capable depending on the models and some even have PFC to enable welding when combined with a generator or where power stability is a factor.  

At Longevity-inc, the welding machines are priced competitively to enable both enthusiasts and professionals to experience high quality welding equipment at a reasonable price.  

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