Why You Should Try to Use Avast Free Antivirus?

by Cathy Sanders Technical Writer

You might think that free antivirus software can allow you to use the basic protection of your system for free, but advanced features you can get only in the paid version. But nowadays most of the popular free antivirus software can provide you with enough features adoptions to protect your PC and Avast Free Antivirus is among them.

 It offers excellent antivirus protection together with a network security scanner, browser protection, a password manager,  and other useful options. It's an amazing collection of security features, Considering that this product is free you can really get the amazing collection of security features.  The free version is available only for personal use. 

Avast Free Antivirus has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. From the menu, you can switch from the Main Status page to Privacy, Performance, and Protection.  Also, you can use a gift that allows you to get a 60-day trial of Avast Internet Security paid edition.  

Let's take a quick look at the main benefits of using such good free antivirus software. 

Malware Protection

Malicious software that you can get from the Internet has to pass through a number of defense layers before it infects your PC. Avast can easily block access to the malware-hosting URL and wipe out the malware payload before the download finishes. If the infected files are already present anywhere on your computer, Avast checks all files one more time before they execute to protect your system from harm.

Phishing Protection

Phishing websites are used to make a copy of a sensitive site, perhaps a payment system, and broadcast links to that fake site. Visiting this website you can give access to your personal details. 

Avast Free Antivirus has phishing protection modules that block blacklisted sites. It runs the real-time analysis to identify frauds that are maybe new for the blacklists. As a result, you receive real-time phishing detection and save your personal data such as passwords for payment services and your banking accounts.

Smart Scan

If you need a quick system scan you can run the Smart Scan, special Avast option. It will check all browser add-ons, scan for active malware, and identify the issues with performance as well as it will find network security problems, flag software that requires security patches, and warn about poor passwords. You can also use the full scanning of the system to detect all possible viruses and malware and get the protection form the further attacks. 

Also, Avast offers a boot-time scan to eliminate malware that can't be erased from your PC during the general scan. Because the scan runs before your Windows boots up, the malware doesn't have a chance to protect itself.

Wi-Fi Inspector

Avast was one of the first antivirus software that added a network scanner. Its Wi-Fi Inspector can report you about all devices connected to your network and flag devices that have security problems.

Password Manager

Avast has one unexpected feature that is not usual for free antivirus products. It can offer you a free password manager that effectively performs all basic functions. 

You just need to activate your password manager as an extension in your browser and create a master password to protect your website passwords. 

While using this manager you can save the login credentials you use to enter secure sites. You can also edit all saved passwords giving them names. You can easily add Credit Card details and  Secure Notes you can use for your further payments or other operations. 

Online Security

Avast offers great Online Security extensions to install in Chrome and Firefox. Online Security marks up the search results an tells you if the resource is good or maybe it is better to close it at once.

Online Security can also detect any ad-trackers or other trackers on the definite site and display their number on the special icon. Clicking this icon you can learn more about such trackers and block those you do not want to see anymore. 

Online Security can also detect dangerous and fraudulent websites. But such a feature is not so important because the latest Avast versions can filter them before they reach a browser.

There is no doubt that Avast is among the best free antivirus software you can use for your PC if you want to get the full package of security and protection functions. 

To download Avast Fre Antivirus visit the official website or

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