Why You Should Leverage A Staffing Agency In South Florida For Your Next Hire

by Rumzz Bajwa Content Marketer

Finding talent remains a huge challenge for many companies. Staffing agencies can play an important role in helping businesses find new and qualified candidates. That's why more and more employers are partnering with staffing agencies. If you find yourself asking "should I leverage a staffing agency in South Florida?,” then read on to learn how partnering with a staffing agency can help your business!

For starters, the top talent in the industry want to work with staffing agencies. The best candidates rely on their recruiters to keep them in the loop of available opportunities in their field. Not only do staffing agencies have credibility with hiring managers, but their large networks give them a speed advantage to filling open jobs first. Sometimes, the way to the best talent in your industry is only through a recruiter. At Sloane Staffing, we leverage our deep network of candidates and connections to find you the talent you need fast. Our large database keeps us in contact with those top tier candidates who aren’t necessarily currently in the job market but are always open to hearing about new and better opportunities. This is exactly how your agency could score your next MVP. Staffing agencies also know their best candidates very well, and can easily screen out those who would not fit your company culture, saving you time and money by avoiding high turnover. Our recruiters constantly have candidates ears, and they are always listening.  

Using a staffing agency also results in a faster hiring process. Too much time is usually wasted when a talent acquisition generalist does not completely understand the job requirements of the position they are working on. They generally have little to or no experience hiring, or even working, the roles you are trying fill. Jobs in fields like IT, SaaS and Digital Transformation may be hard for them to fill due to their lack of experience in those industries or on certain teams. It can be almost impossible to expect an HR employee to understand the needs of every single team in your large organization. However, dedicated recruiters understand the technologies, tools, and applications your new hire will be working with and because of their knowledge and industry experience, recruiters can produce two weeksworth of recruiting efforts in a 48-hour time frame. Staffing firms can dedicate all of their time to hiring for you, while you are busy with your day-to-day tasks of running your business. You also wont need to waste time interviewing a ton of candidates. Staffing agencies are all about placements, not just activity. They make their money based on the high-quality candidates who are ultimately hired and their results, and wont just send over resumes for you to review to make it seem like they are working.” Recruiting passive candidates requires exceptional skills and time. Staffing agencies have large teams and the time to invest in qualifying candidates that most internal HR recruitment teams just dont.  

Another reason why it might make sense for your business to leverage a staffing agency in South Florida is because of the money they can save you overtime. One of the ways any business can save costs is through a staffing agency. It has been shown that staffing agencies reduce turnover, and the costs that come with it. If a recruiter can do your HR employee’s job in a fraction of the time, it can cost you a fraction of the price. Staffing agencies also cover the costs of advertising your jobs, such as sponsored ads online and posting to multiple job boards. There are also costs to prescreening and testing potential candidates, the most costly of which is the time it takes to screen resumes and conduct interviews.

At Sloane staffing, we have been in the shoes of both potential new candidates and hiring managers. Prior to recruiting, our employees have had corporate level experience working with IT, digital marketing, sales teams, and more. We have experience working in many of the roles we fill, and we understand the practical uses of the technologies, tools, and applications your new hire will be working with. Our invaluable on-the-ground experience puts us one step ahead of your HR department, giving us a speed advantage to find qualified talent for you quickly, reducing the friction between your hiring managers and talent acquisition generalists. Don't search for talent alone. Partnering with a staffing agency in South Florida is a great way to reduce the amount of time and stress necessary for recruiting, screening, and hiring new employees. The right staffing agency will advertise, interview, and evaluate candidates for you, so you can get back to doing what you do best. Let Sloane Staffing help you solve your hiring problems today! 

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