Why You Need To Be Serious About CBD Oil Supplier

by Samuel Jones Marketing Manager

Being a CBD retailer is tough. With the growing competition in the market, anybody who is everybody is thinking about opening their own shop. 

In such a strenuous market it is necessary for retailers to know that they can count on their vendors. Gone are the days when selecting based on the best price was the best way. 

In today’s hyper-competitive market, you must carefully choose who is your vendor to make the best of your retail space. Shelves these days are crowded by second-hand products that are not up to the mark. That do not adhere to the quality standards set by the FDA and FTC. These statutory bodies are constantly conducting surprise checks on retailers suspected of selling CBD products that are of second-grade quality. 

In April the Federal Trade Commision sent various warning letters to companies that were advertising and selling products containing cannabidiol claiming to treat Alzheimer’s, Cancer and other diseases. The FDA has issued strict warnings for CBD related organizations to maintain the labeling and packaging guidelines established by them. 

Till date, only one CBD based medicine has been approved by the FDA. The Epidiolex for epilepsy patients. Everything other products that claim to cure a disease should not be a part of your retail. 

Apart from this, there are a few common points that you should look for while choosing your CBD product vendors:

  • Certificate of Analysis

A certificate of analysis is a lab test report that details the contents of any CBD product. It is a mandatory requirement for manufacturers and wholesalers to ensure that their products have a COA issued by a trusted third party lab preferably. 

  • Extraction Procedures

The best extraction procedure is CO2 extraction. All other available extraction techniques often leave an unwanted chemical residue after processing. If you want the best products then make sure your CBD wholesaler follows the best extraction techniques. 

  • THC

It is very important to know how much THC is in your products. Your vendor must make sure that all CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC. It is mandatory to keep the THC amount of less than 0.3% in many states. Depending upon which state you are retailing you would want to choose a CBD wholesaler that keep minimum THC in their products. 

The internet is also one-sided when it comes to THC. Labeled as the ‘psychoactive’ element that plays with brains. It is a general safe philosophy to make sure that your products have less THC. 

  • US grown Hemp

In the American spirit, you would want to hire CBD wholesalers that have products from US grown hemp. The Hemp industry in the US needs to be properly utilized to ensure that what grows here stays here. 

Also, it is very beneficial to cash in on the American nationalism that is very high in today’s Trump administration. Choose a CBD wholesaler that has products grown in the US. 

  • FDA and FTC

The FDA and FTC have a list of guidelines that CBD manufacturers and wholesalers must abide by. Ensure that your CBD wholesaler follows them. 

Improper packaging and misleading labeling will land you in legal trouble. It is best to stay updated with the latest rules and regulations regarding CBD. Choose a wholesaler that shares maximum information about this. Search the internet and educate yourself. CBD is a business that is constantly changing and retailers that want success should be updated.

  • Product variety

The CBD market is constantly brimming with opportunities. There is a new invention every day. You want to associate with a CBD wholesaler that is on top of their game. Make sure that your wholesalers have the latest CBD products available readily. 

  • Proximity from your business

Proximity from your business is an important factor when selecting a vendor seriously. With the increasing demand for CBD, you never know when is your lucky day. There have been instances where retailers had to close their shops because of empty inventory. 

Ensuring that your CBD wholesaler is in close proximity ensures that you can get all the inventory you need and that too when you need it. 

These are a few important points that you must keep in mind while selecting your wholesaler for CBD. It is a hyper-competitive market and you need to be sure that your vendors will deliver when you need it. Keep these basic points in mind and you are sure to make an informed decision. Stay updated with the latest laws and trends to make sure that ask for the right product from your CBD wholesaler.

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