Why you need a shower every day?

by Vanya Herbal E-commerce Marketing

On weekends do you feel lazy to get up from the bed, or take a lot of effort to get back to a daily routine? A shower can get you back on the track. Apart from soaking yourself in water, shower or bath has many benefits. How you enjoy swimming in the lake, river, ponds, water park, the sea in the hot summer or taking a hot water bath in winter.

Do you remember the moment when you come home, heavily soiled after playing outdoor sports, what moms said? Go and have a shower, without shower doesn’t even dare to enter the home. Sorry, I forgot that its rainy season and many of you enjoy rain shower, walking, or soaking wet in rain.

Confused between bath and shower? The choice is yours; depending upon the time you can choose between shower and bath. In a hurry take a quick shower or if you had enough time enjoy and relax in the bathtub or washroom for hours. Adding some essential oil or shower gel like mint and tulsi shower gel, Himalayan Peppermint Essential Oil may be a good idea for relaxation as they provide nourishment as well as refreshment, thus forget all tension and just sink in a new world.

Let’s go through some wonderful benefits of a bath or shower.

Boosts immunity-

According to a study taking warm water, a bath may help you fight infections and improves immunity. It can be useful in fever, cough, and flu. Coldwater bath can improve cell damage and decreases few risks of cancer, Although it,s not scientifically proven.

Reduces stress and depression

A study suggests that taking a shower sends impulses to the brain which helps in reducing depression. If you feel stressed or in any sort of depression, add few drops of essential oils, sink in the refreshment of essential oils and see the difference afterward

Improves blood circulation-

Bathing opens the pores of the skin which eases the access of natural air, thus blood circulation improves. This adds to lowering down blood pressure and improves heart function as well.

Cleansing Action-

The human body is made of 70% of water, which means to be healthy; enough amount of water intake is required. Soaking yourself wet in water is not a bad idea, and adding certain oils or rose water or shower gel will be more beneficial. Warm Water opens pores that let the skin throw out toxins through sweating, the natural way of cleansing, keeping hydrated at the same time.

What not to do while bathing or after bating

1. Applying soap- soaps are generally hard so we advise to not use soap on sensitive skin. If required apply on selected areas only.

2. Do not scrub hard- if you are using body scrub or face scrub like Pomegranate Body Scrub or Pomegranate Face Scrub, you are advised to use it gently on the skin.

Treat but do not irritate the skin.

What to do after Bath?

Apply body lotion- Body lotion can keep skin hydrated for a long time and also provides the power to fight with external impurities, bacteria, and also the hot and burning sun. You can use Rose & Jasmine Body Lotion or Mint & Tulsi Body Lotion.

Apply face cream-

The face cream is used for hydrating, fight with aging, and glowing skin. You can use Rose & Olive Face or Cream Pomegranate Face Cream.

How you start is an art, So start the day with a refreshing shower every day.

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