Why Women Like Jewellry ?

by Nirali Jain Suddh News

Why Women Like Jewellery?

Jewellery wear in Indian culture comes under a ritual and custom. Jewellery and ornaments not only physical beauty but also protect the health. As well as decorating the body, jewelry inadvertently does the work of medicine for our body. The trend of wearing jewellery is as old as the development of human civilization. Jewelry is not only used by women, but men have also come to wear them in some form. Modern benefits of science have also confirmed health benefits by jewelery.

Some female people, despite being rich, have a passion to wear less clothes, some female people try to buy more and more jewelery. When going to market, marriage or other ceremonies, more and more gahs are synonymous with beauty. Some female people are ordinary in place of this. Let's know its astrological reasons which are low.

Planet Yoga for Shortening the Jewelery: - Women of Makar and Aquarius Wives are less liked by jewelery. If the marriage is in the constellation of Saturn, then it happens. If Saturn is in the fourth house and the fourth is weak, then this jewelery becomes the cause of choice. Venus is in the company with Saturn, and if there is any relation to the marriage of Saturn, then it does not like to eat. If there is a Saturn in fate place in the horoscope, if there is a nurse or Saturn in the fortune, then the woman likes the jewelery less. If the woman is sitting in the horoscope in the horoscope of the female person, and there is no fondness of online jewellery even when the Venus is weak.

Planet Yoga for Jewelery More Likely: - If the Venus in the horoscope is in the fourth quadrant, sitting in bent, pisces or Taurus, the person will be more likely to have ornaments. If Venus is strong in the horoscope of the Jatak, in the seventh house, the zodiac will be more like jewelery. In the horoscope of horoscope, such a connection between Venus and Chandra, zodiac sign, zodiac sign, or nakshatriya relation will be found to be more like jewelery. If, in the eleventh bhav or marriage, Mangesh, Aishwarya and Rahu are sitting together, even then the Jatika will like earrings. If the Venus in the horoscope is in Venus, IV, Pancham, VI, Ekadashi or Dadashti, then those female people will also like jewelery. If there is Venus in the horoscope in Venus, IV, Pancham, VI, Ekadashi or Dadashti, then those female castes will also be more fond of ornaments. If there is a connection with Venus Chatthash in connection with the horoscope or the change of the zodiac sign, then it will become the reason for the taste of gold earrings.

Mainly seen in the above reasons, in astrology, the planet Venus and the fourth house creates a relationship with the jeweler. Usually, the Taurus zodiac or the female zodiac of the wedding, the Libra or the bride, the jewelry will be more liked dearly. In the same way, if the lady of the horoscope of the horoscope (the master plan of marriage) is in the house of Bharani Nakshatra, Purushrhad or Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, ornaments will be dear.
Hence both of the above mentioned situations show interest or interest of diamond rings.
From this it is known that whether the woman will be the jeweler Priya or not.

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