Why User Intent Is Necessary For Your SEO Strategy

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Over the past few years, the Search Engine Optimization industry has grown pretty well. With each and every release of the Google algorithm updates, the SEO industry made improvements and helped businesses to grow regardless of any boundaries. The importance of search engine optimization is well-known in the online market. Its increasing demand is not only increasing the number of digital marketing companies in India and other countries but also, making entrepreneurs smarter to pitch their business and enlarge it within a short span of time.

However, as much as latest updates are necessary for SEO industry, the searcher’s intent also is. For every business, customers are crucial and, to target them properly, companies take help from SEO agencies. In every search engine optimization strategy of businesses, the searcher intent plays a vital role as it not only helps them understand their customers well but also, help them market their products and services effectively. The customers want to have an exact result and, understanding the broad categories of their intent is important for every business.

So, here, we are going to mention how you can understand the searchers’ intent for delivering a solid foundation for content and search engine optimization marketing. Let’s get started.

Understanding The Searcher Intent

The SEM (search engine marketing) through SEO or paid methodologies is strategically simple in multiple ways. Along with this, for branding and targeting the customer higher, there are several opportunities available in the marketing funnel. The marketers just have to develop a great understanding of the intent of the searchers that can be found out by the keywords they used to search for any product or service. And, when competing in the online market where marketing is one of the major parts for any business, delivering the right information at the right time is what can drive huge traffic to the website and more profit for organizations.

To understand the searcher’s intent, there are three categories mentioned below. You need to go through them to understand the intent so that you may pitch users well with your services and products.

Three Categories Of Search Queries

  • Navigational search queries

  • Informational search queries

  • Commercial or transactional search queries

Navigational Search Queries

A few years back, people used to search by typing in “” or “,” as it didn’t show up in the address bar but, Google changed all of that with Chrome and, enabled search from the address bar. Now, there is no need of typing “www” or “.com”. You just have to search the company or brand name and, pull the trigger.

Two main things to consider with navigational search

  • It is a high-value traffic for businesses being searched so it is necessary for you to look the part in the search engine results.

  • You may get along with other businesses and potentially develop brand awareness. You may also impose fear, uncertainty or doubt about competitor brands; paid search along with the organic listings can all be useful here.

Informational Search Queries

The informational search queries offer multiple opportunities to the businesses. By identifying the queries related to the products or services, you may gain the standard of the search made by the customer and then, target them accordingly. Along with this, developing the content, which answers every query or delivers information on the certain topics will put you in front of your potential customer base. For example:

  • What is SEO?

  • SEO tips for [keywords]

  • Marketing ideas for small businesses in the [industry type]

This major opportunity will get you in front of your audience and will help you build the brand awareness, increase website traffic and credibility as well. You may also use this traffic for generating more leads or advertise your products and services. However, this is to notify that the customers that have made these queries may not be ready to buy what you’re selling now but, make sure you build your brand so that when they are ready, you are already in the run.

Commercial Or Transactional Search Queries

The commercial or the transactional queries relate you to the desired actions that you may like a prospect to take. The actions you want someone to take will be dependent on the business and may incorporate things including signing up for a trail run, a new social network or a newsletter. The transactions are responsible for relating to the desirable actions for your business like making sales and enhancing the newsletter sign-ups and so on. These search queries are highly commercial in nature and therefore, consists of a high-value. You must focus on targeting these keywords and helping the customers to accomplish their goals once they visit your website.


The understanding of the searcher intent is significant for businesses. And, in the above section, we have made three categories that will surely help you to understand it. By knowing the search queries, you may use them to boost your SEO strategy that will lead you empowering your business. In this way, you will be able to target the audience for selling out your products and services regardless of areas or locations. And, if you need experts’ help, you may get connected with SEO shop, one of the best mobile advertising companies in India, offering a wide range of digital marketing services along with app and web development services, online reputation management services, brand building and online marketing services as well. 

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