Why to choose React Native for your new business

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Fraction Tech is considered as one of the fastest growing mobile and web development company with a strong team of React Native developers who credits the building of many successful React Native apps.

React Native is one of the newest and most promising ways to build cross platform mobile applications. With the technical advantages over Angular JS, NODE JS and IONIC Frameworks that makes it a popular choice among hybrid developers.

Why React Native?

According to the Google Trends, The demand of the React Native is clearly getting higher with time.

It introduced by the Facebook in the year 2015 and now used by the most renowned companies like Tesla, UberEATS, Walmart, Instagram and Airbnb. Initially the React Native was developed to support IOS, however with its recent support of android OS, developers started using it to develop Android apps with the same UIs. React Native helps in uploading apps faster and also gives it a smoother Feel.

As React Native started supporting Android OS, so now the developer started building Android and IOS apps simultaneously through one code base and this directly cuts of the time and development costs.

Benefits of React Native.

Performance : React Native offers the native look and feel to apps. It enables developers to update apps faster and once the update is done, you can easily publish features. There is no need to update mobile app manually through the app store.

It allows mobile app developers to do live updates to the app without going to the play store.

Re usability : React Native eliminates the time of writing multiple sets of code for different platforms, a single JavaScript code is enough to enjoy the performance of React Native mobile application.

Cross Platform : As initially React Native was built to support iOS application but due to its outstanding capabilities and features, Facebook decided to develop its support for android also.

So now the developers can build Android and iOS simultaneously through the one codebase, which directly cuts of the development time.

Advantages of using React Native for your mobile apps?

React Native development is highly focused on building a native like UI element by element.

Many of the hybrid apps are sluggish but React Native supports quick loading and offer a powerful and smooth experience.

React Native allows integration of third party API without making it sluggish. Thus, enhancing the code optimization and reduce memory usage.

Virtual DOM of React Native brings the advantage of partial page refresh instead of refreshing the entire page.

Additional Features.

“React Native for Web” makes it possible to run APIs and React Native components on the web using React DOM.

React Native is entirely open sourced. It means developers can utilize the framework and its libraries for free.

Write once, Render anywhere : You can develop new components for native and web without rewriting existing code. React Native for Web can also render to HTML and critical CSS on the server using Node.js.

Hire React Native developer from Fraction Tech.

In the world of technology advancement, especially in the field of web and mobile development, we always look for the shorter development cycle, quicker time to deployment and a better app performance is a reason why we provide the pool of experience, talented and creative team to look after the React Native development. Hybrid apps framework has come a long way of bridging a gap between the native app and the ease of development of the web page. Hire Fraction Tech‘s efficient React Native developers who offer you and your business with an extraordinary chance of having Hybrid App which would help you improving your business.

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