Why TENS Treatment Proves to be an Effective Solution to Treat Back Pain

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TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a therapy process to treat pain in the joint and muscles. It is often considered a very effective treatment to provide relief to those suffering from acute as well as chronic back pain problems. The use of low voltage electric current helps in providing a lot of relief to the affected part.

TENS Machine

A certain device known as TENS machine is used to carry out the treatment. This device is basically portable in appearance. It can be hooked to a belt and connected through two or four electrodes. The electrodes are used for carrying electric current from the TENS machine to the affected region of the skin.

  • How does TENS Treatment help with Back Pain Problems?

TENS basically works by stimulating the affected region of the body through the passing of electric current. TENS treatment plays it part in stimulating the nerves that result in closing the GATE mechanism in the spinal cord region which can also help in eliminating the pain sensation part. When carrying out TENS treatment process, electrodes are being placed on the affected areas of the skin (in this case, it's the lower back region). Once the device is being operated, it would result in creating electrical impulses that would travel through the nerve fibers, resulting in certain tingling sensation. The impact is almost immediate and the patient will experience much comfort while the treatment is in process. However, the relief part is short-stayed. It would stop shortly after the treatment. However, TENS therapy helps in stimulating the nerves that enable the production of endorphins within the body. Endorphins are referred to as natural painkillers.

  • Rules to follow

Before the start of TENS treatment, it's necessary to have a clear understanding on how you need to use the device. You need to ensure that the directions are being followed carefully. Have a look:

  • Never use TENS without consent from the doctor. Unless the doctor recommends the use of this treatment, it may become riskier undergoing the process.
  • You must never leave the electrodes attached to the skin for a longer duration. That can result in causing skin burn. Also, it's absolutely a necessity to clean the electrode TENS pads after every single use. You must also clean the skin properly before applying the pads.
  • If there happens to be a rash or burning sensation developing or being felt, consult a physician immediately. Ignoring the situation can result in causing severe negative health impacts.
  • It's absolutely not recommended to place electrodes on irritated or even broken skins. At the same time, you should also not use the device while being in bathtub or shower. While driving a vehicle, never use a TENS device since it may result in causing accidents.


When using the TENS machine, stay away from mix-n-matching of heating pads with cold pads. You must stay away from using TENS while taking a nap. That's a very crucial part of the rules and must be followed strictly. Always clean the Pads for TENS Machine after every usage.

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