Why Should You Switch to Fiber Optic Internet?

by Kristen White Blogger

Recently, a huge rise in the availability of fiber has been seen due to the large investments made by prominent telecom industries to replace the network assets currently used by them. A major reason for this change is because the traditional network assets require costly maintenance and they are becoming outdated.

If you wish to modernize and upgrade your business technology, a fiber-optic internet connection is a great option. It can provide a significant increase in speed, security, and bandwidth. The productivity and growth of your business can be easily improved by partnering with the right IT professionals and making the switch to fiber-optic internet.

Some of the benefits of having  fiber internet for business are as follows:


Fiber is much stronger than copper cables and this offers major advantages when it comes to reliability. A major benefit of fiber over their copper counterpart is that they are negligibly affected by the changes in the weather and atmospheric conditions.

However, if you are using copper cable internet, you may be familiar with the fact that any disturbances in the weather can impact the data transmission rate. Also, unless you physically cut a fiber, it is very much resistant to the interference by humans and electricity.


A slow internet connection can do more harm to your business that you can imagine. According to a report by SanDisk, it was reported that when the internet connection is slow, it can cost the business almost one week every year of productivity. During the period of high-demand, slow internet connections should be the least of your concerns.

A fiber internet connection offers much higher speed when compared to the copper cable network connections claiming to offer the highest internet speed available.


Latency refers to the significant delays that occur while the data is being processed over the internet. If you have copper cable internet, you can experience notable delays when you try downloading or uploading HD videos, for example.

Although many businesses may not stream many HD videos, you still need an internet connection with negligible delays for performing several tasks.

A decrease in latency can positively impact your business in the following ways:

● An improvement in the collaborative efforts of employees.

● Downloading and uploading large files without experiencing delays.

● Shift applications to the Cloud.

● If you are a VoIP user, you can experience improved sound quality.


Although for fiber internet the bandwidth is not unlimited, the availability of bandwidth is much higher when compared to copper cable internet. If your business relies on high data transmission requirements, you can easily hit the limit when it comes to copper cable internet.

If the following activities are performed on a regular basis in your company, investing in a good fiber optic internet for business connection will provide the bandwidth required to facilitate these tasks.

● Web conferencing

● File sharing

● Cloud app access

● HD video sharing

● SIP trunking


Although fiber optic internet may cost you more than the copper cable internet, the increased productivity turns out to be cost-efficient in the long run. The copper cable internet may seem like a good idea when trying to keep business closes low, but in the long run, it will end up costing you much more than the fiber optic internet.

Additionally, when you use fiber optic internet for your business, you would get improved flexibility and scalability with many businesses moving to the Cloud.


On average, a breach in the security of your business information can lead to losses. When a company suffers such an information leak, it can lead to customer defection and a lot of financial penalties.

Copper cable internet has become an easy portal for hackers to gain access to protected information by using techniques like cable tapping. However, infiltrating a fiber-optic network is nearly impossible. Hence the reason a fiber-optic network is a better option.

Although switching over to fiber internet would not solve all the businesses’ internet problems and provide protection against all probable risks, it sure can be a great first step towards data security.

Understanding what changes, the fiber optic internet can bring to the business is particularly important before you make the switch.

From the above points, you can clearly see how upgrading to fiber optic internet can improve your business. Make the change now to experience these benefits first-hand!

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