Why Should You Consider Outdoor Children Gym Equipment for Exercise?

by Premier Play Solutions Playground Equipment

In the last few years, there has been a drastic increase in cases of obesity amongst kid in the UK. The reason being a sedentary lifestyle, spurred by a rise in electronic gadget usage.

Here, the only remedy is encouraging kids to adopt an active lifestyle. We already know this, thanks to a growing body of research, that being active is key to a healthy mind and body.

Now, when dealing with children, you need to keep in mind a couple of factors –

  1. Firstly, you must be ready to deal with tantrums and a certain level of reluctance to exercise. That's because children don't have the developed judgement necessary to act for their future benefit. Even adults cannot always act in favour of the interest of future selves.

  2. Children are more likely to take part in activities that are continually changing in term of their degree of difficulty and movement patterns. Repetitive routines are boring.

  3. Kids must have access to a colourful environment, with a variety of texture and materials on which they can safely use their hands. It aids in imaginative and creative actions.

Outdoor children gym equipment fulfils all the above parameters. Let's see how.

All the ways an outdoor gym persuades kids to an active lifestyle

  1. They are more interesting than indoor gyms

Outdoor gyms are much more fun to exercise, and it's because of the inherent sense of freedom that comes with being outdoors.

While we adults perceive our surroundings, children absorb their environment.

Naturally, being within four walls, closed off from the world outside, with artificial air conditioning, makes kids feel inhibited. The outdoors with its open skies, unbound space, and no restriction to express joy, attracts kids way more effectively to exercise in outdoor fitness equipment.

  1. Accessible to both parents and kids

An undeniable fact about the modern lifestyle is – it can be hectic, especially for the parents.

Nowadays parents find it challenging to take their kids outdoors for those valuable play time. Finding time to spend time with families is hard, because of workspace commitments for both members.

Outdoor gyms act as a practical solution here. When parks and playgrounds comprise of sections with outdoor fitness equipment installed, parents can use them to get some exercise while watching over their kids as they play. Thus, outdoor setups offer the opportunity to socialise as well.

By consulting play equipment specialists such as Premier Play Solutions, civic bodies can install suitable outdoor gym equipment in available premises. The company also sells trim trails and clamber stacks.

  1. Psychology supports their efficacy in attracting kids

Outdoor gyms are growing in popularity all over the world. For example, in Copenhagen, a city with less than 600,000 citizens, there are more than 60 outdoor places with training equipment.

Civic authorities have realised the potential of nudge theory and are seeing results implementing it. It's based on the principle that subtle changes can incentivise people to act in their interest. Outdoor children school gym equipment can be placed in places where, kids are more likely to visit, thereby appealing to their curiosity. When one sees something daily, it'll inevitably spark interest in his/her mind.  

Hence, when in search of a way to make your kids exercise more, consider taking them to parks with children exercise equipment UK.

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