Why RHY cloud mining slowly becoming the mainstream mining method?

by Black White Press Release Submission
Why is cloud mining more and more popular? Become the trend of future mining. The reason why mining has become one of the most popular investment methods at present, relying on the characteristics of bitcoin issued by a decentralized institution, asymmetric encryption algorithm, 21 million scarcity, multi-node distributed accounting, transaction anonymity, etc. In the 10 years since its birth, it has been entrusted by countless capitals and participants ’beliefs. The price has risen more than 10,000 times. At present, it is nearly 9,000 US dollars. It has become an increasingly important value target in the global economic and political situation. There are two main ways for ordinary investors to obtain bitcoin. One is to buy on the exchange, and the other is to buy mining machines for mining. In contrast, the cost of mining is much lower than buying coins directly. It is a safe haven for market fluctuations. The price of coins will rise, and mining revenue will increase significantly.

What is cloud mining?

A word often mentioned in Bitcoin mining is the computing power of the mining machine, such as: Ant mining machine S9 computing power 13.5T, ant mining machine L3 + 504M. So what exactly does hashrate mean?

What does the hash power represent? How is the hash power unit defined? It is similar to how you brute force a mobile phone password (assuming that the mobile phone will not be locked after multiple attempts), you keep trying the password from 111111 to 99999. Try one by one until you unlock successfully. If you can try once in 1 second, your hashrate is 1 time / second, if you can try twice in 1 second, your hashrate is 2 times / second. The more you try in 1 second, the greater your hashrate, and the shorter your unlock time.

The same is true for miners. The more hash algorithms that a miner can calculate within 1 second, the greater the hash power, and the more coins are mined. Initially Bitcoin used CPU mining, and later GPU graphics mining, and now ASIC professional custom chip mining, the calculation speed has been continuously improved.

What are the disadvantages of traditional mining?

For an ordinary digital asset investor, the time required for mine operation and maintenance, the construction of power facilities, the patience of long-term mining, the large investment, and the long output time are all complex and difficult problems. Mining machine investment is subject to high noise, high power consumption, high maintenance and maintenance costs, inadequate professionalism and insufficient power supply stability, coupled with non-futures and high purchase costs caused by bulk mining machine purchases. Mining is discouraged.

At present, Bitcoin has been mined nearly 85%. The old currency no longer has advantages, and the mining pool's computing power is relatively concentrated. It has already been three minutes in the world. The most famous is the battle between Wu Jihan BCH and Auburn Cong BSV. As a result, small mines no longer have the advantage of competitive block production. Instead, the new currency is a future trend.

What is cloud mining?

cloud mining platform refers to the platform vendor injects the computing power of self-built mines or cooperative mines into the Internet platform for sale. Cloud mining, as a flexible and efficient mining solution, will gradually become the mainstream of the market.

In the next three to five years, the vast majority of mining machines will be placed in professional mining machine hosting sites, and enterprise and professional teams will be responsible for searching for low-cost energy and managing and operating the mining machines. The cloud mining market will also usher in a comprehensive and in-depth change. Cloud mining has the advantages of building a large-scale mining machine cluster, coordinating the management of power supply, professional bandwidth, and mining machine operation and maintenance.

Domestic blockchain peers are starting to covet the market, and they are racing. Although it is confusing, the cloud computing power market represents the future. There is no doubt that we will continue to pay attention to it. We have shown vitality and enthusiasm for the positioning of future development.

What are the advantages of ordinary users participating in cloud computing mining?

Compared with investors buying mining machines for mining, cloud mining and mining machine leasing and mining are more worry-free. It is mainly reflected in the selection of currency, the purchase of mining machines, the investment amount, transportation, custody, and maintenance. There is a professional team to deal with it. Investors can spend time and energy on other things without worrying about it. currency. Cloud mining operation is also very simple, which can save users a lot of time. They only need to purchase the production computing power in a remote data center and perform remote mining without having to endure the loud noise and worry about hidden dangers.

cloud mining is a low-cost, low-risk, low-cost mining method. Cloud computing power mining has a low investment threshold and high investment benefits. It can realize easy mining in one second of production. Compared with mining machine mining, as long as it can operate mobile phone orders, it can be said that mobile phone mining, zero threshold mining mine. You can get the detail from

In addition, computing power is an energy token. It combines the physical properties of mining machines, electricity, and technology to represent the ability to obtain bitcoin in the future. It will rise with the value of bitcoin. Take it one step ahead and take the lead! Cloud computing mining has no high electricity costs, no manual management, no site costs, no maintenance costs and other advantages. Because cloud computing power mining has a professional team engaged in mining for many years, such as RHY cloud computing power, as the domestic cloud computing power platform, RHY cloud mining from currency selection, mining machine procurement, mine deployment, Experienced in daily maintenance and other aspects. After the miner orders the cloud computing power, he only needs to check the coins that are mined every day on his mobile phone, so that he can easily obtain bitcoins by making the profits.

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