Why my Printer is Printing Smudged Pages?

by Jone Smith Printer Repair Support

When you Epson printer is leaving black marks or smudging marks on your printed documents then it is not a common problem. But, it’s need to be sort as early as possible otherwise it will keep making your printed documents look messy. The black lines or smudges can be any present anywhere on the document page ruining the expected output.

There are not many reasons behind this uncommon error but whatever are those they are serious issue and need to be resolved instantly. For instant solutions and service you can call on the toll free number +1(877) 894-5316.

You will be surprised to know that black lines and smudges on printed output can also happen due to dirty printers. Because, it is possible that a lot of dust and dirt gathered inside the printer. I fact, dirt on the rollers can also be the possible reason for this problem. And, cleaning them will help a lot.

Also, a leaking toner can be the biggest reason behind black and smudgy rollers marks.

Let’s move forward and learn what we can do to resolve this bad printing issue.

1.       Clean the Printer –

·         Turn off your printer and remove the toner cartridge as mentioned in the manual of your printer provided you by the manufacturer.

·         Now, using a toner cloth you have to wipe off the cartridge.

·         You have to wipe the inside of the printer with a square toner cloth to wipe any access toner and other dirt from inside the internal surfaces of the printer.

·         Also, you have to wipe the printer’s rollers and transfer belt using a lint free cloth.

·         If you want you can also clean the intricate components such as cables using isopropyl and cotton swab.

·         Now, insert the toner back into the printer.

·         Plug all the cables back into your printer and try to print a test document.

2. Replace the Toner Cartridge -

To check whether your printer is leaky or not you must take out your cartridge from the printer and place it on the A4 paper. Now, shake the cartridge a bit and see whether it emits ink onto the paper or not. If they are leaking then you might have to replace them with the new ones.

3. Open the Printer Troubleshooter -

·         Press the Window logo along with S keyword from the keyboard and then search for the troubleshooter.

·         Click the troubleshooter settings and then click on the tab displaying my printer leaves black mark.

·         Now, click the printer settings and press the run this troubleshooter button to open the troubleshooter.

·         Your printer will troubleshoot my printer leaves black mark.

·         You can now select your printer to fix and click the next button.

·         Now, go through the troubleshooting steps included within the troubleshooter.

 You can also use the other methods according to the marks and smudging present on the paper. If all the above methods didn’t help you out then these small tips may help you and if not, you are always free to pick your phone and call on the toll free number +1(877) 894-5316. In fact, you can search for the Epson Printer Repair near me in your mobile phone or in the web browser. Let’s start, Printer Repair Kentucky

1.       If smudged stains appear at the top center of the printed page:

·         Ensure that papers are not too thick or curled.

·         Also, make certain that the papers you are using are the ones set in the machine matches the media used.

2.       If smudged stains appear at the right or left corner of the printed page:

You have to be certain that papers are not curled up when you try to print on the backside of the paper with the odd print pages and print even pages settings.

3.       If smudged stains appear on the reverse side or at the bottom of the page:

Ensure that the printer platen is not dirty with ink.

In case, it is dirty then follow the below written steps:

·         Unplug the machine from the power source.

·         Lift the scanner cover until it looks securely in the open position.

·         You have to clean the machine’s printer platen and the area surrounding and wiping it off gently and carefully using a soft, dry and lint-free cloth.

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