Why Manage Online Reservations With a Central Reservation System for Hotels

by Mycloud Hospitality Software Development

What do you need to do to make it big in the fast-paced hotel industry?

  • Receive as many reservations as possible
  • Provide exceptional guest service through hotel technology and old-school customer service.

The only way to have a profitable hotel business is to receive as many reservations and serve as many customers as possible. To entice guests to book your hotel, you must first provide exceptional service and equip yourself with a central reservation system for hotels that allows you to manage reservations online in real-time- this is essential because modern travelers want and need the best of technology while booking accommodations at your hotel. Reservation software for hotels allows you to easily control and organize all of your bookings in real-time. It can also assist you in developing a good strategy for attracting tourists to your hotel and obtaining direct bookings.

In this blog, we will help you understand the concept of a hotel reservation system and the benefits of managing your reservations online in real-time.

What is reservation software for hotels?

Software used in the hotel industry to manage room inventory, distribution, room rates and bookings is known as a central reservation system for hotels. A website bookings engine, channel manager, and revenue management system may also be included in the reservation ecosystem, which is centered around the Central Reservation System. These components, when combined, help hotels manage room availability, distribution, reservations, and revenue. The cloud-based hotel reservation system helps hoteliers to manage reservations at any time and from any location.

Why should your hotel offer online real-time bookings?

We'll go into more detail below, but there are a number of reasons your hotel should offer real-time online reservations. It's crucial to have a central hotel reservation system in place that can manage bookings from various channels including direct bookings from your website, OTAs, social media and walk in. You can manage hotel inventory, room rates, distribution, group bookings, handle billing, assign rooms, manage reservations as they come in, and assign rooms while using the suitable CRS technology. In order to guarantee the success and profitability of your hotel, all of this must be in place before implementing any strategy aimed at promoting real-time reservations.

Let's examine some justifications for introducing online reservations now.

  • It will automatically sync up from your different channels

Simply put, it is more convenient to allow direct bookings through your website. Additionally, if you have reservation management software, your reservations will sync up automatically from all of your channels, saving you the time and effort of manually entering reservations as they come in over the phone. Additionally, this lessens the possibility of human error.

Additionally, when a reservation is made, the availability is updated right away. This makes it simple for your staff to update the property rates based on real-time availability and to prevent double bookings.

  • It frees up staff to increase operational efficiency

Real-time reservations increase operational effectiveness while also being more convenient. Instead of dealing with manually entering reservations, you can rely on your central reservation system for hotels to automatically sync reservations across channels, freeing up your front desk to offer better service to guests.

Since visitors enter their own information, you no longer need to waste time looking for any missing data or if any information is entered incorrectly in the system, which also results in increased operational efficiency. They can choose their preferred method of payment, and all the information is easily accessible, saving time and resources later on.

  • It automates operations reducing expenses on human resources

Because availability information is updated as reservations are made, reservation software for hotels also helps cut down on human resource costs by eliminating the need for a dedicated staff member to do so. You also avoid the need for a dedicated multilingual staff member to answer the phone because your website can be made available in multiple languages.

Although hiring multilingual staff is more difficult and may result in higher pay, it is no longer necessary because guests can now manage their own reservations online. You also don't need to have someone manning the front desk around the clock because guests can make reservations at any time of day. The step in improving your hotel's bottom line is lowering your human resources costs.

  • It allows you to offer better guest service

Your central reservation system frees up time for your staff to concentrate on other more important tasks when guests can book their stays based on live availability rather than having to contact and make reservations at your front desk. Additionally, you can automate the communications you typically send out rather than requiring your staff to customize each email. Your staff will be happier if they are not overworked trying to keep up with routine tasks and manual processes, and a happier staff provides better customer service. The more time your staff spends with your visitors, the more likely it is that they will become devoted patrons, and guest loyalty is one of the secrets to success in the hotel industry.

  • It helps you stay ahead of the competition

Customers expect real-time bookings from anywhere at any time of day, which is how you can survive in a competitive market. In this day and age of instant gratification, filling out an application online and waiting to find out if the service is available adds more steps, which decreases conversion rates. Make the booking process as simple and step-free as you can to increase the likelihood that a guest will make a reservation. A quick and simple hotel booking engine makes your establishment stand out from the competition and encourages visitors to make reservations there rather than at the rival properties.

  • It increases direct booking profits

You can say goodbye to paying high OTA commissions by allowing your central reservation system for hotels to book reservations in real-time. All this is because you are no longer dependent on outside booking sites for guest bookings. Due to this, your hotel makes more money from each reservation. By including an opt-in button for marketing communications during the reservation process, you can also reduce the cost of your marketing. As a result, you will always have access to the contact details of your guests for use in promotional campaigns.

Your chances of upselling, which is essential for profitability, increase when you have your own reservation system. To relieve the pressure on your staff to upsell, you can offer opportunities for additional services, upgraded accommodations, and meal plans like half- or full-board. In order to stand out from the competition and entice visitors to book at your hotel, you can also offer discounts and specials.


We've discussed the advantages of hotel reservation software in this article. It is more convenient, saves time, lowers costs, and helps you stay competitive while enabling you to offer the best customer service when you let visitors book directly from your website.

Real-time reservations may be among the simplest ways to boost profits through upselling, paying less commission to outside reservation sites, and simplifying marketing. It is without a doubt a no-brainer whether to include this option on the website for your hotel. Make sure you have the necessary reservation software to support you and streamline your business processes. For more details you can visit this link

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