Why JAMstack is the most popular in 2021?

by Dipti Kumari Digital Marketing
JAMstack is the buzzword in the industry and every now and then you will hear someone asking "What is JAMstack?" Well, it might sound highly complexed to many people but JAMstack is here to make life easier for developers. 

Many of the developers and website owners have shifted to JAMstack due to its endless benefits and the value it brings to a business with many outcomes.  

Just like CSS, AJAX, responsive design, and HTML5 brought a change in the web development industry and they have enhanced this whole industry, JAMstack is here now to take us all ahead in the future.

What is JAMstack?

The term was first coined by Mathias Biilmann, the CEO of Netlify, a cloud hosting company helping developers make the most of the Jamstack movement. Our industry loves a good TLA (three-letter acronym) so let’s start with the JAM:

J – It stands for Javascript to handle the dynamic elements of the website on the client-side.

A – It stands for application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow for content and experiences to be called by JavaScript as required. These can be third-party APIs and/or your own API endpoints. These APIs act as the servers and present the webpages in pre-rendered versions to the users.

M– It stands for Markup and this makes the whole JAMstack ecosystem different from other technologies. Markup is short for HTML (HyperText Markup Language) but it's when the HTML is rendered that is key. In an ideal Jamstack site or application, the core HTML or markup is rendered at build time, not runtime. In other words, the HTML is ready to go when the user requests the page, instead of being dynamically produced server-side when the user requests the page. 

What are the Benefits of JAMstack?

1) High-speed websites because the backend is decoupled and due to the combination of static HTML and CDNs.

2) Stable development architecture because there is no reliance on the backend. 

3) The cost to scale a JAMstack website is not too much.

4) Since JAMstack is new, it is less vulnerable to cyber attacks.


If you are a developer you will understand how important are the benefits of JAMstack in the current times and this is definitely going to be the go-to technology for companies in the future. 

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