Why IVF Treatment Is Best And Affordable In Delhi?

by Shivani Sachdev Founder & Director

Becoming parents is a very pleasant phase in every married couple’s life. But sometimes, many couples face the problem of infertility which makes it difficult to conceive. Infertility is a biological complication which can be cured in the IVF center under the guidance of the infertility specialist.

If you’re also planning to be parents for a long time but unable to conceive, you ought to go for the infertility test at the best affordable and safe IVF hospital in Delhi.

Why Do people choose Delhi for IVF treatment?

Today in the morning the conference was going on that why people do not prefer to choose their own countries for the IVF procedures and they travel to Delhi for the same procedure which they can easily get in their own countries.

All the people sitting at the conference was surprised when they saw the cost structure of IVF in Delhi and IVF in other well-developed countries.

 The other factor which attracts people from other countries to travel to Delhi possesses the best affordable and safe ivf hospital.

They calculate the IVF Cost in Delhi in four parts which are as follows:

 •The basic IVF treatment best and affordable  in Delhi  which includes7-10% fees of fertility experts for collecting the women eggs from her ovaries and transferring the developing embryo into their uterus, fees of the embryologists, ultrasound scan charges, blood test charges, etc.

 • The basic cost of IVF procedure in Delhi for treating the cause of male infertility is around 30-40% of the IVF cost which includes the entire procedure of ICSI treatment where the single sperm is directly injected into each egg for fertilization and the the resulted embryo will be transferred into women uterus to achieve the results of successful pregnancy

 • The basic cost of IVF procedure in Delhi also includes the embryo freezing charges which is for one year whereas the IVF clinics in other developed countries will charge around 20% of the basic IVF Cost in Delhi for freezing the embryos, will also charge the cost of storage per year which is 10% and they also cost the couples for the later use of their embryos which is around 30-85%

 • The cost of IVF procedure in Delhi also includes all the standard medication prescribed by the fertility experts for the procedure, however, the IVF clinics of other developed countries only provide the standard medications and the medications which need to stimulate the ovaries for that couples to need to pay extra for that

 Other Advantages which attracts people from other countries to travel to Delhi for IVF treatment are as follows:

 • They get an affordable and safe IVF hospital in Delhi as compared to their own countries

• Fertility experts in Delhi are well-qualified and trained doctors who have more than experience in the field of fertility management and they offer the couples the latest and modern ART procedures like IVF, ICSI, IUI, egg donation, Surrogacy, Laser Assisted Hatching, etc. and that too at very the reasonable cost which no one can imagine

 • Fertility experts in Delhi are the doctors who have made the pregnancy possible where the women age is above 40 years who have been rejected by the fertility experts in their own countries

• The fertility experts in Delhi offers the same international quality of the treatment but at very reasonable cost

• The fertility experts in Delhi not only offer affordable IVF Cost in Delhi but also offer the best personal and medical care throughout the fertility treatment

 • Delhi is a city which offers the free consultation with best fertility experts who will properly review all the medical reports of the patient and accordingly plan the treatment

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