Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

by Mohit J. White Hat Link Building Services

Singapore has been a big global marketing leader for a long time, being something of a gateway port to Southeast Asia, and a major hub of trade for several hundred years. In modern times, with physical location mattering only for distribution, Singapore has not only become a major player in the Southeast Asian zone of the Pacific and Indian Ocean, but the world as a whole. However, it’s a cutthroat world out there, and it’s only gotten worse since this infernal pandemic.

With people being more and more reliant on the digital theater for their daily lives, and the fact that this isn’t going to change after the pandemic but only increase even more, you really do need digital marketing services in Singapore. But, “digital marketing” is a bit of a blanket term. Exactly what all does this entail? And why can’t you use traditional marketing, even if you’re selling yourself over a digital medium? Well, a digital marketing agency in Singapore could explain this with more excruciating detail, but I’m happy to give you a basic overview. I confessed to taking some pleasure into extolling the eventual extinction of some obsolete and rather annoying communications mediums.

A bygone era…

Things like TV, radio and various periodicals are going the way of the past. With the Internet, newspapers and magazines are kind a useless and a waste of resources, and they can’t provide nearly a solid of experience. Yes, some older generations will claim that they prefer the feeling of a magazine, book or newspaper in their hands, but, no offense of them, their opinions don’t particularly matter anymore.

Television is going extinct for a couple very obvious reasons. When you have to watch what broadcasters feel like showing you, when they feel like showing it to you, you grow rather bored of it, and the incessant commercial interruptions are downright offensive. With people moving to streams, as well as bootleg sources, you would be wasting your money investing in television advertising.

Things like junk mail, telemarketing (which is finally going to be banned in this millennium, and not a second too soon), this does kind of leave you with things like billboards, which also don’t work, and the digital space in which to market. However, things like pop-up ads, YouTube advertising and web banners are not going to work either, people are avid users of ad blocks, and so are you.

SEO, social media and games…

If you want to advertise, you want to go through these three venues. Let me cover games first, as it’s the one that you are probably the most perplexed by. I mean mobile games and other apps for phones, as while it is possible to block ads on these, it’s actually a bit of a pain to do, and the average user will tolerate a mild amount of ads in an app or game in order to use it for free.

Social media is where you retain customer interest, and where you put it out there that you have a new product, service or some new deal in place. Only people that are following you or searching for you will see these, but these are the only people you need to reach. If someone isn’t interested in your service to begin with, or isn’t actively seeking your service, you don’t need to waste your breath on them. People not looking will be annoyed otherwise.

Discovery is through SEO, which is the harnessing of search-relevant keywords, embedded in quality content which garners a higher rank in search results. When people are looking for what you have do offer, they search, and if you have used SEO properly, they will find you. Good content will keep them on your site, and a solid call to action will convince them to convert from leads to customers. This is all thanks to the type of skills that digital marketing services Singapore can offer. Just remember, be sure to vet your choices for a digital marketing agency Singapore before leaping blindly in choosing the first one that promises you the world.

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