Why I Need to Learn to Network to Be a Hacker?

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Searching a hacker is an excellent eBook by Bruce Byfield. In this book he describes what makes a hacker, the history of hackers, and how a hacker might choose to make their way into a system. It's an excellent primer on how computer security is done, and what makes a skilled computer hacker. For those who are curious about this field, why I need to learn to network to be a hacker is a great read.

Bruce Byfield's main thesis is that hackers make their way into networks because they are seeking information that will help them break into more systems. This information allows them to steal financial information, personal information, and even put the lives of those in the network at risk. Bruce Byfield does a good job of describing how this happens and why it happens. He also covers why the network security of today is so lax and what can be done to fix the problems that he describes.

In the introduction chapter, Bruce Byfield identifies what he means when he says a hacker makes his way into a network. He calls it a siren signal. A signal that encourages an attacker to enter an unsecured system. With this introduction, Bruce's message begins. You don't need to be hire a hacker to get into your network. Bruce Byfield gives you all the information you need to know to prevent being the next victim.

There are several reasons why someone might want to break into your network. They may be trying to figure out the security system your company has. Some people try to use loopholes in the system to gain access. But no matter what the reason, the purpose of learning how to be a hacker is to find a way to break into your system.

Bruce Byfield goes into great detail about how to learn how to be a hacker. He shows you how to mask your identity, how to set up dummy computers and where to send the fake data back to in order to make it look like someone else sent it. When you learn how to be a hacker, you learn how to mask your identity so no one will think you are the one who hacked into the network. Then you need to find a way to get the information you want and to send it to the person you are sending it to. This could be in the form of confidential information such as the source code for a newly developed software program or a memo that says something important and needs to be sent to an employee.

You don't just have to be a computer hacker, you can be a network hacker, which Byfield explains is "an individual who breaks into networks for one purpose: To obtain confidential and protected information". These hackers do their crimes the old-school way, by trying to gain access to a computer or server without authorization. They are not always what they seem. Some people do it to get lucky and find a piece of software that might just be "the thing" that will let them break into a network.

Networking is what helps you get to know people in other companies. If you are trying to get information from a person in another company, then networking is key. You need to meet the people in the company you are working in and get to know them. Networking is like high stakes poker - you never know when someone is going to sit down at his computer and log into his account. The best place to meet people in a company is at the coffee shop or in the local park.

There are many reasons to learn how to be a hacker. While you don't need to know how to hack into the government or the military, you sure want to be a good hacker and get your hands on some valuable data. If you are not careful with the things you give away to others then you could get yourself into some serious trouble. Hackers like to get into sensitive data and trade it back and forth for cash. You will be surprised by all the companies out there that are looking for hackers to help them sell this data.

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