Why Hiring a Tree Removal Service Is the Right Call

by Kevin Smith Author

There are many reasons that a tree may need to be removed from a yard. If it is too close to the building, the roots are destroying a foundation or sidewalk, or a disease that has made the tree likely to fall over, the tree may need to be taken out for safety's sake. Many homeowners will think that calling a tree removal service in Lilburn may be a bit much. After all, with a saw and will, the homeowner should be able to take care of the tree easily. However, there are some things to consider before grabbing the chainsaw.

The Power of One

Chainsaws are dangerous. Even people who use them professionally take precautions before beginning to work. Chopping something that is already on the ground is difficult enough. Bringing down a tree is much more difficult. Not only does the tree cutter have to worry about the tools, but also where the tree is going to fall. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that illustrate what happens when amateurs try to bring down a tree. Cars and houses usually pay the price. Sometimes, something tragic happens. A professional tree remover will have the experience and expertise to bring a tree down safely. If something goes wrong, the service has the right kind of insurance and bonding.

Removing the Tree

Even after the tree comes down, there is the actual removal of the wood and branches. If a home has a fireplace and room to season the wood, it may be used for firewood. The branches and smaller pieces may make the yard a mess, and are usually too much for a homeowner to compost. A tree service has places to take the tree and all of its components. They may even be able to recycle it for the homeowner.

In the Trunk

The hardest part of removing any tree is dealing with the trunk. These beasts are so difficult that many children in the past were faced with having to take them out as a punishment and a way to work off anger. Tree trunks can re-sprout and the tree can continue to grow. The stubbornness of the trunk is probably the best reason to hire a tree removal service in Lilburn to get rid of the entire tree rather than leaving it to a half-measure.

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