Why Google Translation Can’t be An Alternative to Human Translators?

by priya s. winsome translators

The evolution of the technology has led to changes in every sector. And the field of language translation is not an exception. The emergence of machine translation has changed it altogether how the translation is getting done in the modern world.

Nowadays any tech-savvy person can get a documented translated at one click of a mouse.  This has been the reason why many people in Today’s world have started disregarding the human translators which definitely is not a right thing to do.

In this article, we will tell you why machine based translation can never form an alternative to the translation services in India managed by humans translators.  

  1. Quality issues

A document translated via a machine can never match the standard of a document translated by a human translator. The quality issue is the biggest problem with machine translated documents. Because it is a pure robotic work and, it will give results on the basis of what it has been fed. There is zero scope for creativity and modification in the documents translated via a machine.

  1. Software can’t understand context

A robotic software can’t understand the local context and cultural essence of a language. There are certain phrases and words which are specific to a language. A human translator may know them. But your tool for translation is not equipped with that much vocabulary and creativity to use them at apt places.

Only Human beings can understand the difference between non-verbal and verbal communication. Human translators understand emotions which significantly affect the context of the language in which it is used.

  1. Lack of Feedback

When you get a document translated via a software or get Siri to translate an important marketing message in a foreign language for your customers, you won’t receive any kind of feedback. And there is no guarantee that message has made sense in the foreign language to an unknown market.


  1. Lack Of Emotions

Every country, society, community or group has its values and norms which influence the communication between people living in that culture.  Even for a human translator who is not aware of the culture of the society, it is impossible to understand which values and norms are sensitive when communicating.    Obviously, a software can’t be sensitive to cultural norms and values of any society in the world.  Hence it causes multiple issues by delivering wrong messages to your customer or business associate.


The machine translation services may be easy and cheaper than hiring human translators because one can translate an entire document in just a few clicks on the computer keyboard or mouse. But as soon as a business will start using Google translator or any other tool to translate the documents, it is for sure they will come across many issues. The issues will be of such nature which can’t be resolved without the human intervention.   So Machine Translation Can never be an alternative to language translators

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