Why Does Sewage Backup Occur?

by Kevin Smith Author

Sewage backup can happen to any home at virtually any time. Even drains on a high floor of a building can experience sewage backup. If this occurs in your home, contact emergency water removal in Kennesaw, or a professional restoration service that will remove standing water, clean up the mess, and help restore any structural damage that has occurred as a result of the sewage flood. 

However, prevention is everything, and that's why this list has assembled the top 3 causes of sewage backup. Do all that you can to prevent the following?


A main sewer line may become clogged, which prevents your plumbing system from draining into the municipal sewer system. When this happens, the sewage can backup into a low drain in your home. Essentially, the water will have nowhere to go but back through other drain pipes. There are many reasons why a clog this intense may occur. For one, improper use of drains, like the flushing of foreign objects like cotton balls can be to blame. Also, you may be pouring grease and other food waste that can cause buildup inside of your pipes, which narrows them and makes clogs more likely.

Invasive Roots

Tree roots can detect the moisture in your sewage line and direct their roots through the pipes. Yes, tree roots are strong enough to penetrate your plumbing. When this occurs, they can stop up the line with a large growth, preventing your sewage from flowing through the sewer main and directly into the municipal system. Tree roots are even capable of surrounding and crushing pipes like a python, blocking them completely so that the roots receive all of the moisture directed through them.

Broken Sewer Lines

Though most sewer lines are made of plastic nowadays, older homes used cast iron or clay pipes that can crack or break over time. However, plastic pipes are not invulnerable to damage, as the previous section indicated. Harsh chemicals poured down your drains, including certain cleaning agents, can damage the interior walls of your pipes. Have a plumber inspect your sewer main annually to spot and treat damage.

It's important for your health and safety, as well as the structural integrity of your home, that you prevent water damage from all causes, including sewage backup. If you experience water damage for any reason, contact emergency water removal in Kennesaw for a professional solution, including cleanup, sanitation, and repairs.

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