Why Do The Contractors Need Their Own Structural Engineers?

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A designer might be fully equipped to design a construction project, but the designer will not be able to answer all the questions arising at the time of the construction process. So, the contractors have to work together with the structural engineers, who are better termed as the "engineer of record". Hiring the structural engineers is relevant for designing the project, but once the plans are approved, the structural engineers do not involve a lot in the methods and mean the contractors employ for delivering a complete project.

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Now the scarce involvements of the structural engineers leave the contractors blind, and if the plans are lacking sufficient instructions or contain any errors, then the contractors lose direction. So, the contractors hire independent structural engineers for their own benefit, who are known as the contractors' engineers.

So, What is A Contractor's Engineer?

A contractor's engineer is an independent and totally third party the contractors retain so they can together solve the problems fruitfully, which arise for the construction projects. The engineers of record or the structural engineers work on fixing major design flaws, and they find out the solutions within a few days so the schedule is not delayed that might cause the work to stop completely. 

Often, the contractor needs advice to solve the minor issues, and then structural engineers help in solving the matters. Hence, there are several reasons for hiring structural engineers for their construction projects in Brisbane - the chief reasons being construction sequencing, building inspections preparations, and liability protection.
i. Construction Sequencing

The decisions for the construction projects are often complicated, and the contractors need a lot of flexibility at the time of construction projects so the arising problems are solved on time. Through this flexibility, the construction project is safely commenced and never impact the bottom line.
Added to it, the construction or the structural engineer's advice makes a difference in handling improper sequencing procedures. So, OSHA has laid down the guidelines pertaining to construction sequencing so the accidents can be avoided and no lives are lost. A structural engineer is extremely vital for determining these proper sequences.

ii. Overall Safety

For all the contractors, safety is a big concern, and a construction site is likely to be unsafe inherently. When the contractor has hired the structural engineer, then he knows the structure is being safely built. A structural engineer helps in determining if the weather events like high winds or seismic activity will be damaging the site at the time of the construction process. Ultimately, all the construction sites must be having a competent person as stated by OSHA standards. A structural engineer has all the knowledge regarding applicable safety standards, and can even identify unsafe situations. At the same time, they retain the authority for correcting the unsafe workplace practices so that after each shift, everyone goes home safely. 

iii. Liability Protection

Mistakes happen at any time. No set of plans are ever perfectly complete. A retaining wall can be incorrectly placed. Incorrect materials could be ordered and used before being noticed. These are the situations when the structural engineer hired by the contractor proves to be an invaluable resource. They help in determining the best cost-efficient method for fixing the mistakes. They might even advocate on behalf of the contractor.

iv. Inspection Preparations

A structure undergoes different types of inspection at the time of the construction process, which includes structural steel, concrete's compressive strength, framing, sheer wall, bearing, framing and more. The structural engineer helps the contractor to be prepared for all these tests. But if any of these tests fail, then the structural engineers figure out the best ways for bringing the project up to the grade.

Retaining structural engineers save the contractors as they help the contractors towards acting in their best interest. Structural engineers are skilled and keep the project going on smoothly and get the work done within time and under budget. 

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