Why DIY Garage Door Repair Is Not a Smart Option

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If like many other people you want to opt for a DIY garage door repair in Vancouver to save few dollars, let me tell you that it is a bad idea when it comes to garage doors. We know how tempting it can be to go for a DIY overhead door repair after watching a few YouTube videos over the internet. There are quite a few reasons why DIY garage door repair is not a smart decision, but here we will try to explain you the reasons in a short and simple way.

DIY garage door repair can be really dangerous:

Overhead door springs, tracks, openers, rollers and pretty much any moving part is dangerous and can cause injury. In fact, overhead door springs are perhaps the most dangerous. They support the total load of your overhead door, and the lightest overhead door out there still weighs about 80 pounds. It is known as a tension spring for a reason. Faulty garage door spring could literally snap your head off or anything else underneath it. And that is obviously not something you want as a DIYer.

It can be a big waste of time and money:

DIY garage door repair in Vancouver could be a waste of time and money. Here we will go through 3 reasons:

  • Purchasing the incorrect parts: If you are not an overhead door professional, then you may not realize that you are purchasing the incorrect parts. And this certainly is a big waste of money. Do you know the make or model of your overhead door? Not knowing even the year can mean you require very different parts than what you can find easily.
  • Using the incorrect tools: Some overhead door parts are like automatic parts; they need special machineries to take them off and put on the new parts. If you are not a professional garage door technician, you just would not have the required tools and you would not know what is the appropriate tool. Either way, making use of the incorrect instrument can worsen the problem, or prompt new issues.
  • Putting something on wrong: So, you have gotten far enough that you are putting even the right part back on. But do you remember how the old one was on? A small advice if you are truly stubborn; always take a snap with your Smartphone of how it looked before you took it all apart. This is if it was not completely broken and a professional technician could fix it, now you might spend more money on replacing the whole mechanism. Either way, you could still be putting it on wrong. It is much like doing your own brakes on your automobile. If you do it wrong, you will certainly feel sorry for it afterwards.

Why to do it yourself when there is no shortage of service providers that offer professional garage door repair in Vancouver. Let the professionals do their work, because they will fix you garage door in the most efficient and safe way.

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This article is written by Thrifty Garage Door – a Vancouver based service that specializes in garage door repair in Vancouver and the surrounding regions.

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