Why disposable protective wears are essential in contamination control?

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Protective wears are always essential in any controlled environment whether it be a clean room, laboratory, manufacturing or processing environment.

Whatever the case, protective wears provide two basic functions:

  • To protect the operator from the harmful or sensitive environment and/or
  • To protect the product/person from contamination from the operator

The choice of whether to wear disposable protective wears or re-useable laundered garments is not a simple matter of cost, but of choice. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration in arriving at the optimum choice for Dispensers, Disposable Gloves, Body wears Coveralls, Headwear, Masks, Aprons, Visitors Coat, Overshoes / Boots, Oversleeves or other forms of protective clothing or wears.

When worn in cleanrooms, manufacturing sites and research laboratories, protective wears from Papercraft helps to control contamination and protect against particles, biological and chemical hazards, to ensure the safety of the pharmaceutical staffs, as well as sensitive pharma products, persons and processes.

Use of Protective Wears in the Pharma Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most dynamically developing segments in the modern European economy. The rapid development in research, advancements in technology and science, drive the progress of this segment, constantly improving the quality and length of human life.

To facilitate achieving goals and quality it is important to use the proven products and services which help companies develop and improve day to day activities. Papercraft Disposables have a wide range of disposable protective wears and accessories suitable for various pharmaceutical applications, from general activities like maintenance up to specialized activities performed in controlled environments.

Advantages of using Disposable protective wears

       Reduced Cost:
The first and important benefit of disposable protective wear is the purchase cost affordability. You need to conduct a true cost comparison with environmental, energy and transportation costs. While, if you compare the cost with re-usable clothing or wear, it can be comparatively low when the re-usable wear has to withstand 50 to 70 wash and sterilisation processes. 

       Health and Safety:
Health and safety of any individual are of primary concern where hazardous liquid or bacteriological risks are involved. This applies not only to the protection of the operator within the controlled environment in which they are working. It equally applies to protect the product from contamination which could affect the health of an individual who consumes the end product whether that be drugs, medicines, food or some form of the medical device.
It is important to recognise that laundering garments do not fully remove contamination. It is a scientific fact that some will remain in the garment when it is re-used. This can be avoided with the use of disposable wears.

Environmental Safety:
With disposable protective wears, there is considerably less energy and CO2 emissions are used to produce a single product, compared to re-usable clothing. There are so many environmental factors to consider in relation to laundered garments, including management and validation, transportation (if the facility is not in-house), significant energy costs, water & detergents required during the decontamination process, re-packaging etc.

Comfortable Protection:
Disposable clothing can be perceived as being less comfortable, however, this is not necessarily the case. Modern materials are lightweight and breathable whilst still maintaining the protective barrier. Some laundered garments are manufactured from materials that retain moisture rather than breathing. Look-out for protective wears that offer an optimum combination of both comfort with breathability. Wear comfort and the appearance of re-useable garments does suffer after repeated decontamination cycles.


Disposable protective wears play a significant role in contamination control. This is especially true for employees working in the pharmaceutical segment. They often encounter many on the job hazards when they come into contact with chemical substances, biological agents and drugs. 

Workers in the pharmaceutical industry require different types of protection varying from protection against non-hazardous and hazardous particles, liquid pressurized chemicals, and liquid aerosols to mist and others. 

It is important to guarantee the safety of pharmaceutical staff, however, it is equally important to protect sensitive pharmaceutical products and processes, not only from hazardous contaminants like chemicals but also from particles and microorganisms which can harm their quality. Disposable protective wears can do this job very well.

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