Why Buy STIG Instead of Fogg Or Mojo Vape?

by Aanya Alberto A geeky girl and Vape Enthusiast

The demand for disposable vapes is on the rise. Therefore, several companies are entering the vape market with their disposable vape pod system. However, some are making marks on the mind of the vapers and some are lagging. Now the question comes that which one is best to go with.

However, among the contenders, STIG is one of the top-rated manufacturers. However, the two other companies which are trying to compete with it are Fogg and mojo. The current article provides a comparison of all these three disposable devices.


One of the main things among disposable devices is the capacity. The more capacity, the more you can vape. However, in the matter of capacity, all three devices are the same. All the devices have 1.2ml capacity. However, the nicotine count is another matter that you need to consider. If the nicotine count is less, maybe you need more puffs to get the satisfaction. 

Nicotine amount

As mentioned in the last paragraph that the nicotine amount is one of the important aspects of disposable devices. One of the primary reasons that vapers like disposable devices are because these are high in nicotine. Coming to nicotine satisfaction, STIG is too ahead of its competitors.

STIG comes with a nicotine power of 6%. On the other hand, Fogg comes with two different nicotine varieties such as 5% and 2%. Mojo vape is also repeating the same nicotine varieties such as 5% and 2%.

Puff numbers

Investing in a vape pod system worth it when it gives the right number of puffs. However, coming to the puffs, STIG is again a lot ahead of the competitors. A single STIG stick can give you nearly 300+ puffs. However, coming to the Fogg, one can get easily more than 250+ puffs. However, coming to Mojo vape, it can only provide 200+ puff on a single stick.

Approximate Cigarette count

The cigarette count comparison is difficult to do. Yet it is done based on the puffs that you can take from a single stick. On average one can take roughly 15 puffs from a cigarette. Based on that calculation, a single STIG stick is equivalent to 20cigarettes.

Based on the same calculation, a Fogg stick can give puffs equivalent to 15 cigarettes. However, Mojo is way behind the other two competitors and it can only provide puffs equivalent to 10cigarettes maximum.


Coming to the flavors, STIG provides 5 different flavors. All salt with nicotine liquid is expertly mixed by SaltNic Labs specialists, using only high-quality ingredients for your maximum pleasure and satisfaction. Coming to the Fogg, it offers 8different flavors.

However, Mojo also comes in 7different flavors. Therefore, one may say that STIG is behind in flavor choice but the truth is that the flavor STIG offers are all compatible with saltnic liquids.

Final Words

Therefore, over here in this article, you have seen the differences of the STG vape pod system with the Fogg vape and Mojo vape. Vaping is all about personal preference, so the choice is yours but makes a wise choice.

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