Why are cigarette boxes made informative with all those horrible graphics and warnings?

by Ethan Robert Digital Marketing Consultant

Cigarette Boxes are one of the most important elements for the success of the tobacco companies. They are made up of a high standard cardboard sheet to provide strength to the package. They generally have a rectangular shape. But they can be manufactured in any desired shape. A foldable lid is there to provide continence to the customers in opening and closing the package. The tobacco companies face many regulations for advertisement purposes. That is why these packages are almost their only source of the advertisement. In this regard, businesses get them printed with exciting colors, designs, and illustrations. But due to federal regulations, they have to be printed with the warning labels as well. They can be laminated with soft vinyl laminations as well as foil coatings to give them a premium look. They can be manufactured in different sizes, so they are very easy to carry in the pockets. 



Cigarette Boxes are an essential part of every cigarette manufacturing company. They are almost the only way of advertising for those businesses, so why do they put horrible graphics and warning signs on them? To answer this question, we have gathered these 7 reasons that will show you why they are a necessary part of these packages.


Due to regulations

Many countries of the world have different laws against these tobacco products. And most of them regulate the use of these items by different methods. One is to force the companies to get Custom Cigarette Boxes printed with warning labels that show horrible graphics. This is done o scare the people about the harms of using these products. The lawmakers may force to show certain graphics at a prominent position that can be seen by everyone. In this regard, many of the companies are forced to get their packages printed with a specific percentage of the total area of the package. This is one of the main reasons why we see those warning signs on the packaging.


Its moral responsibility

We live in a society where the care of life is considered the most important thing. It becomes the moral responsibility of everyone to spread information about the products that can harm them. That is why tobacco companies feel it their ethical responsibility to get the Reliable Cigarette Boxes printed with the warning information. Even if the governments do not force them, they do it for the moral cause to limit the use of these products that can be harmful if used excessively. It is because profits are not above the precious lives of humans.


To spread awareness

A study shows that the majority of smokers are youngsters. And they do not even know what dangers its excessive use can bring these products to them. That is why it is important to spread awareness through disposable cigarette boxes about the dangers their extreme use can exert on the people. The warning signs mostly show these cautions like “smoke can be fatal for the lungs,” “it can cause head and lung cancer,” “during pregnancy it can stunts fetal growth,” etc. There are plenty of dangers linked with smoking if done excessively. That is why companies spread awareness to stop the extreme use of tobacco products. 



Graphics communicate effectively

Research shows that people understand the message in the form of graphics quicker than the text. That is why businesses put graphical information on the Custom Printed Cigarette Packaging. Graphics show the message more forcefully. They are printed with images of the people who develop cancer due to the excessive use of tobacco items. The images of mouth cancer, images of the lungs of a smoker as compared to a fit person are also shown on them. People, after seeing the effects of using these products, can limit their consumption. 


To protect the children

Children are the future of every nation, so they need to be protected from any harm. A study shows that children follow what their elders do. These graphical illustrations on Paper cigarette boxes for sale can create an element of fear in the minds of the children and restrict them from using these items. Moreover, they can also be harmed by the smoke their elders are exhaling in the air near them. That is why they are printed with warnings about the effects the smoke can cause on the children. All these printings can be costly; that is why businesses buy custom cigarette case wholesale. 


To improve the brand image

Building a positive brand image is one of the ultimate goals of every company. That is why businesses buy Wholesale Cigarette Boxes to get them printed according to their needs at a low cost. People trust the brands that show care for them. That is why, by showing hazards of excessive smoking, brands build trust element in the minds of the customers. That ultimately improves their brand image.


To avoided any social boycott

It is very rare, but when it is in action, businesses can suffer a lot. Imagine if you are selling a product and not sharing the harms that excessive use of your items can exert? People will start doing a social boycott of your product, and your brand reputation will fall very quickly. That is why tobacco companies use Custom Printed Cigarette Packaging to spread awareness that can save the lives of the people. 


Excessive use of anything is bad. We all know that. Smoking can be very harmful if it is done excessively. That is why governments regulate the information that is needed to be spread by the companies. Moreover, companies show warning labels for their benefit as well as social benefits. But printing these packages can be costly, so businesses buy empty cigarette boxes bulk to reduce their cost and spread awareness easily.

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