Why An App Is A Major Sales Opportunity For Your Fashion Brand?

by Techugo Agency Mobile Apps Development Company

Shopping is the retail therapy we all love to get indulged into and relish every bit of it.

Over the years the world of fashion has expanded and has reached a new height, wherein every brand is able to depict the best of their creations, that can be accessed by every fashion aficionado on the planet earth.

But in this run, the invasion of technology within the space of fashion has indeed transmuted the charisma of buyers’ choice and has led the fashion brands to Build Fashion App.

Do you wonder why???

Well, there are multiple reasons behind it and some of the most relevant reasons are mentioned here within this post only…

89% of users prefer to make online purchases!

Oops that’s a really harsh fact, but you cannot deny that it only speaks of the reality that is carried further with the app technology and some of the prompt benefits to be acquired from the fashion apps are:

  • §  Higher visibility
  • §  Improved sales
  • §  Better ROI model
  • §  Offers more Convenience
  • §  Brings global approach
  • §  Carves brand recognition
  • §  Creates a loyal customer base


Are you still wondering whether to get an app or not???

Don’t grow panic, because in this post we’ve covered everything you ever wanted to know about fashion app, and why they should be a part of your Fashion & Retail business, so just keep the magic roll-in.


Ooh, a burning question indeed!

Yeah, it is, but to be précised the world of mobile applications is ever growing since the very inception of the app technology and it has brought multiple benefits to the business it has been associated with.

However, the fashion world has little extra to be taken from the app technology and those incredible benefits are:


Ease of Access

Who does want to roam from one shop to another on weekends and still don’t get the options they are looking for?

Everyone does, and this is where the app technology comes into the picture and help the clients to access your stock on the go without wasting their time in finding the collection.


An Instant Advertisement

The app for your fashion brand stays back with the users’ smartphone always and this little venture turns into a massive blockbuster for the endless marketing campaign.

Your app logo & icon helps your users to stay aware of your brand and this helps in bringing the long term benefits for brand recognition and the concept of 'Online App Make' for your fashion house only triggers the popularity to the next level.


Virtual Store

An app lets your fashion brand to turn into a readymade catalog and depicts the best of your store's collection. It goes without saying but such a huge variety when the customer sees on the app platform, it works on the purchasing decision and helps them to get an attractive buy without a fail.


Stand Unique 

The ruckus created by the existing and the upcoming fashion brands is known to everyone, and in the event of such rising competition bars, you need to give something different and unique to your audience and this is where the apps help you in abundance.

With the app technology, you let your customers access your brand in a different way.


A mobile app brings the notification feature, that allows the customers to stay updated about the latest arrivals, and also keep them posted with style tips and recall them whenever you have sales or discounts going on. This only triggers the revenue goal for your fashion business.

Now you must have got that how a fashion app can bring oodles of benefits to your business. But still, the question rolls that what all you must consider making a successful fashion app.

Hence without any further ado let’s jump to the section that states the number of functionalities & features to be used in the fashion app…


Include Multiple Payment Options

 Many fashion stores skip this important part because they have a very vital point that they want the app to be accessed in the current time by a niche audience. But you need to understand that a fashion app grows out to be successful when it has a global reach.

Hence including the multiple payment options only support the app to include the international buyers or even the buyers from different audience type.

So don’t forget to suffice your payment option to credit or debit, in certain cases you can also offer the COD option with more discounts & offers.


No Painful Registration Process

 It would be wrong to say that there is a crunch of fashion apps, but many high-end brands are coming up with their app solutions. Hence you need to give something additional and seamless to the audience, which they would enjoy to the maximum.

To keep the engagement level high, ensure that the registration process is as simpler as possible.

An efficient registration process must not involve many steps. A simple and hassle-free registration process ensures that users buy faster.

Ensure the process is succinct enough, where users can fill in the details and don’t have to sit longer to complete the details on the app entrance only.

Keep them motivated by letting them access the app through their social media accounts as well and this would not just discourage the tedious process but would also give them the opportunity to make faster buying choices.


Smooth Navigation

The app interface of your fashion app has to be simple and uncluttered.

You need to ensure that every product is placed within relevant categories only because it would help the users to create product categories and filters with minimum clicks. 

Remember the loading speed of your app keeps the potential buyers engaged and encourages them to complete the transaction.


Chic User Interface

The very mention of the user interface, rejoices the heart, as we expect something unique and different to be experienced. This same expectation goes on with the fashion app as well.

The gamut of success for a fashion applies within its UI largely. It cannot be ordinary but something different, that has the capacity to allure the customers so they would fall in love with the very first interaction with the app.

A tip here would be given, that kept the theme eye-pleasing, something which depicts your fashion brand and uses the vibrant colors. Also keep the images clear and bright, with zoom-in feature and hovering-zoom feature to let the user have a better look.

This is the quick set of tips that can help your fashion app to turn into a successful product. Henceforth, every app must be curated with the right amount of feature, functionalities and the tips mentioned above in this post.

In order to get an app that truly depicts your fashion brand, you must reach a leading app development company like Techugo. 

Techugo has already carved out some of the most enticing app solutions for the biggest fashion brands in the world and has let the invasion of the latest technologies like AI/AR/VR to be incorporated within.

Reach out to the Techugo team today and help your brand to get turned into a global fashion brand….

You can reach us at:

Skype: aks141

Skype: ankit.techugo

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