Whom to gift the ladies Masonic jewelry to?

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Freemasonry is one of the largest fraternal organizations whose members share the most time-tested brotherhoods. These members are the core believers of peace, equality and goodness of men. This largest fraternal organization is administered by the various bodies and craft lodges. Members of this organization wear Masonic regalia as they give a unique identity to them and are a symbol of great pride and honor for them. This masonic regalia also help in distinguishing the craft or degrees of the brothers in this organization.

These regalia are pieces of accessories and garments and the brothers usually wear them to ceremonies, meetings, functions or events at Lodge. Masonic regalia comprises of aprons, gloves, rings, cufflinks, jewels, badges and many more. These pieces may be kept at Lodge itself or can be taken care of by the brother who holds these items.

You can buy these pieces of Masonic regalia from a reputed online retailer like The Masonic Collection. They know the importance of each Masonic Regalia and see to it that they give 110% attention to detail. Every Mason deserves to wear his fraternity's insignias with pride - and they make sure they deliver that through their merchandise.    

Earlier, the members of this fraternity used to be men only but now female members can also be a part of this organization. These masonic regalia are not only worn by the members of this fraternal organization but can also be worn by their loved ones. These can also be given as gifts to the most important women in the lives of the Freemasons and are usually given by their husbands, brothers and sons. The most popular Masonic jewelry for women includes rings, Ladies Masonic Pendant and earrings. These pieces too, have the most important symbols embossed on them. Therefore, being given as gifts also, they can’t be given to just anyone.

Masonic jewelry for women can be gifted to:

Women in a Masonic family

These include mothers, sisters and daughters in the family. A Freemason’s character is etched with strict values and morals so, it is also expected that his family holds top priority in his life. By giving them as gifts, it is also considered that how important the role of family is in what he is today.

Women who play a big role in the Freemason’s life

These usually include wives and fiancés who play a very important role in the life of the Mason. The lives of Freemasons are carefully screened and they have to be careful about who they are associated with. These are statement pieces and can be given only to the woman who plays a major role in what kind of a Freemason that a man can become.

Women who are part of this fraternal organization

There are various Masonic organizations that are meant for its women members. For instance, The Order of the Eastern Star is one such organization who has women members. These Masonic jewelries can also be given as gifts but only to those women who share the beliefs and values of this fraternity.

Freemasonry is among the oldest and most revered organizations in the world. Masons are - and continually aim to be - outstanding citizens of their communities and help keep the world a better place. Everything a Mason does or dons has a relevance to the brotherhood's mission.

Here at, they respect the duty and vision of all Masons around the world. They understand the value of Masonic Regalia and every item that displays the organization's character. They are the premiere supplier of Masonic-related items: Masonic Regalia, Freemasonry books, Masonic Gifts and Jewelry. They also offer high-quality customized items and competitive package offers.

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