Who all are Present in the Best Astrologers list in Mumbai?

by Dennis Stephen Professional Astrologer

Astrology is a strong belief among many people in India. It is a study of celestial bodies and predicting future happenings and events. It is very popular and there are many astrologers across the nation. There are very few who can make precise predictions about the future and make remedies. 

They are experts in making prayers and performing rituals to rectify the evil damage and protect the seeker from any further destruction. They also can make prominent predictions about political and social issues in the near future. The best predictions are made by the best astrologers list in Mumbai. they can make the seeker go in the right direction and a better life.

1.     Sundeep Kochar: Sundeep is a very famous astrologer who has been consulted by many international celebrities. He has been in this astrology industry for almost 20 years and plus. He is one of the best astrologers lists in Mumbai. He has participated in many international events like TEDx. 

       He is an actor who works as a motivational speaker and Vastu consultant. He is the only life coach who has been recorded in the Limca book of records for conducting the astrology show.  He is very popular for his perfect predictions of the US elections between Barack Obama and Donald Trump. He is available in Mumbai and the seeker can book appointments online.

2.      Dinopsychic: This is an online astrology consulting website. The astrologer is very intelligent as he started his astrological practice when he was 18. He is renowned as one of the best astrologers list in Mumbai. He is disciple of many holy gurus in the spiritual hills. The Dinopsyhic astrologer is a full-fledged expert as he started his journey towards Nath Panth. After practicing many rituals and Sadhnas for many years became the top-notch astrologer in Mumbai. 

       Dinopsychic is very easily accessible and is one of the best astrologers lists in Mumbai. Any seeker can directly contact Dinopsyhic through an online portal. Dinopsyhic is very accessible and is the best astrologer in Mumbai. The astrologer does not need the time of birth or any critical information of the seeker. The astrologer just needs the name of the seeker and the seeker’s mother’s name. He would analyze the data and give the seeker all the information he needs. 

3.       Bejan Daruwalla: Bejan Daruwallais very famous astrologer. He is known as one among the best astrologers list in Mumbai and he is very straight forward and franks about the issues. He is the author of many philosophical and astrological books. He is a guide and mentor for many aspiring astrologers.

With 40 years and plus experience in the field of astrology and palm reading, he is known as the best in astrologers list in Mumbai. Many newspapers have had many interviews with Bejan Daruwalla for many future predictions regarding politics, environmental and social issues.

He writes to newspapers on a daily basis for astrological matters depending on the zodiac signs and astrological signs. He even roamed many international trips to educate young aspirants and bring belief in the holy path of astrology.

His principles and methods brought him fame and made him reach great heights. It is very easy to get access to the best in astrologers list in Mumbai by making an appointment either through online or phone calls. His accuracy has made him one of the best in the astrologers list in Mumbai. He makes the best timings for any holy start of good beginnings. He is been recognized by many national organizations and many trust this astrologer. He is known to be the best in astrologers list in Mumbai

4.     PVR Narasimha Rao is one of the best in the astrologers list in Mumbai. With his great knowledge of astrology and computer science, he developed a software called Jagannatha Hora website which very famous among many astrologers worldwide. He walks only towards the path of spirituality and helps anyone who wants to seek the beauty of astrology. He is easily available after making appointments and can also help in suggesting the best remedies for the upcoming disasters. He is one of the best in astrologers list in Mumbai

5.      Prashant Trivedi: he is very famous among the best in the astrologers list in Mumbai. He follows the book of nakshatras or the book of stars. He is a great follower of nature and believes in science around. His astrological knowledge is beyond measure. He is one of the best in astrologers list in Mumbai who is also a Vedic scholar and follows Vedic astrology. 

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