Whistling Tea Kettles

by Mike Bissell Manager
When thinking about the little things that decorate a home one of the items that always come to mind for a kitchen is the tea kettle. It is one of those things that every kitchen has even if the homeowners don't use it at all. The tea kettle can be a bold statement, a functional kitchen accessory or a way to bring together other colors in the room.

The red tea kettle is functional for things like making a cup of tea or warming water for chocolate. At one time the red tea kettle would be used on a daily basis when a friend would come over for tea or a child would come in from playing in the cold wanting a cup of hot chocolate. The tea kettle still functions in this way, however most people do not use their tea kettles at all thanks to the invention of the microwave which can heat water far more efficiently.

A red tea kettle in an otherwise white or pale kitchen really stands out. It will draw the eye of someone walking into the kitchen and makes the kitchen feel welcoming. Even though the kettle may not be used in that home it still gives a person the feeling of home. Just a decade or two ago the kettle was a necessary item and that brings back many memories for most people. The reason the red tea kettle can make a statement is because many tea kettles of this color look old fashioned or antique. They look very similar to one your grandmother used to have or something you grew up seeing in your kitchen every day. The red tea kettle is a kitchen accessory from years gone by.

Whistling tea kettles have gotten a bad wrap lately. When you go out to look for a kettle of your own, you hear things from your friends that sound similar to this, "You're getting a kettle like my grandmom used to have? Oh please, those are so outdated! Just use the microwave."

They don't have the same experiences you had when you were growing up. They only remember the shrill resonating sound of the whistle going off when grandmom's hot water was done. They don't remember the love and care she took when she polished the kettle to keep it from rusting.

They probably didn't get the hours of storytelling that came with the hot steamy mugs of Lipton tea. The stories that your grandmom told you about all of the bad things your mother will never admit to, and the things your uncle is just too nice to have ever done.

Your friends don't realize that the kettles of today don't have to be like the shrill sounding models from years gone by. They are also electric tea kettles or can be a stainless steel tea kettle with a bird whistle. The bird is nostalgic of that little birdie that sat on the tree outside your bedroom window.

So when you go out to purchase a kettle of your own, don't let the misgivings of your friends sway you from the one you truly want. You may have to buy several whistling tea kettles for you and your friends, especially once you tell them your stories.

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