Which One is the Best Hair Transplant Technique Relevant in Delhi?

by Ankur S. Technical Writer

The hair transplant procedure is a surgical process in which live hair grafts are extracted from the safe donor part and then transplanted to the areas where it is needed to be transplanted in order to cover the balding part. This surgical restoration is the prime attention in the plastic & cosmetic surgeries need an extreme aesthetic sense and knowledge as every single graft placement is responsible for offering the best outcomes.

The hair transplant in Delhi is the most selective decision in the Asian countries not only for the domestic clients but also attracts foreign clients/patients due to modest hair transplant cost in Delhi.

We must know this fact that there are two scientifically accepted methods applicable in the hair transplant world, namely, the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant. The technique adopted in the procedure facilitates the option of hair root extraction only and the remaining part of the procedure such as slit creation, implantation of graft, hairline design and the dissection of grafts are all same in both the techniques. However, it is mandatory to know that why is it valuable to choose the best technique to sort out the issue of hair loss/baldness.

The FUT Technique:

The FUT or the follicular unit transplant is the way of extraction via the strip of the skin excision that only taken from the safe donor areas, which is destined to remain resistant to the effect of DHT (Di-hydro Testosterone) forever. The FUT hair transplant technique makes the possibility of receiving a higher number of grafts even in a single sitting as the strip contains a greater number of grafts/hair roots in a bunch. And, the strip excised in the procedure followed by a simple incision and advanced suture sent to the dissection process. In the process of dissection, every hair root is dissected under higher magnification of microscopes that allow a surgeon to obtain the best possible number of grafts to cover the greater grade of Norwood baldness.

The FUT technique is the most relevant technique in the hair transplant world, especially in the capital, Delhi and Jaipur because of the facilities of the reputed hair transplant clinic availability run by the topmost surgeons and Doctors having proficiency in performing the FUT hair transplant.

The FUE Technique:

The FUE or the follicular unit extraction is the process of hair root extraction done via the punching tool in order to extract single graft in a single time. The random punching process in the FUE is targeted without the exact angle and direction of hair roots and thus it is known as a blind method to restore hair. The FUE extraction doesn’t confirm about the viability of hair roots as the random punching causes unwanted damages while punching is made as the extraction based on the blind method responsible for the splaying, wrong angle & direction caused damage as well as the dynamic shift of the hair. Therefore, the FUE technique offers you a limited number of grafts that only suitable for covering the lesser Norwood class of baldness, i.e., NW-grade below than IV.

Advantages of FUT Hair Transplant:

·         It gives the maximum number of grafts via the strip excision that covers the highest grade of baldness

·         It makes the possibility of achieving the high-density hair transplants

·         This is a recommended option in the genetic baldness as giving the permanent hair roots due to safe donor hair root extraction

·         The FUT technique is scarless because of the adoption of the advanced technique of the Trichophytic closure

·         It is most suitable when the patient is affected by the bigger grade of Norwood baldness.


In the nutshell, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is a final option to restore natural hair back and a permanent way to cover the balding part via the extraction process which is targeted to do only from the safe donor part of the scalp decided by the adopted technique in the procedure.

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