Which nightgown to choose for a quiet sleep?

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Even at night, it's ideal to be irresistible for both men and women. However, it is necessary to have appropriate and comfortable clothes. Nightgowns or nightgowns meet these criteria. Women have the choice between several types of nightgowns. Men on their side, rely on the motives and the design.

Why choose the nightgown?

Everyone has the choice between the nightgown, the pajamas or the nightie for women. But the 100% cotton nightgown is the best choice to spend a soft and comfortable night. First, the quality of your sleep will improve with the convenience of this type of clothing. Also, this type of clothing can warm you up during the night in winter and provides freshness in summer. Sleep is often interrupted because of nightwear that is too hot or too cold. The nightgown can thus maintain a constant temperature during all sleep. Everything also depends on the material of the garment. The nightgown is very flexible. It provides total freedom of movement during the day as in the bed. Timeless, the nightgown will always be fashionable. It envelops the body well and creates the feeling of elegance and chic.

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Materials for a nightgown and pajamas

Currently, the materials used for nightgowns and pajamas are very varied. We find all kinds of trade: silk to flannel, through cotton, synthetic or lace to the pile. The materials we love are cotton, satin, silk and pilou. They are very coveted because of their softness and their lightness. There is nothing better to sleep than a good pajamas in pure Egyptian cotton. For more chic and elegance, silk remains a must have. The materials to avoid are mostly lycra and nylon. These are particularly uncomfortable and bad for the skin. Among other things, they promote perspiration. Materials that are totally discouraged are acrylic and wool. These materials are itchy and too hot. Here you can get the perfect women's silk nightgowns.

Fashionable nightgowns

There is a wide variety of nightgowns today. The most glamorous for women remain the shortest models. For men, prints are very trendy. Among men's and women's nightgowns, prefer black pieces if you have a busty silhouette or if you are small. Opt for loose nightgowns to camouflage curves if you have a generous shape. Anyway, you can widely draw in a palette of dark hues such as sea blue, plum or khaki. For women who are expecting a happy event, the nightgown must be ample, depending on the size of the chest and the size of the belly.

What is the difference between the nightgown and a nightie?

Many confuse the nightgown and the nightie. Indeed the resemblance is important with a glamorous short sleeve nightgown and a nightie. Here are some facts that differentiate these two sleepwear.

You will recognize a sleeveless lantern and with the thin straps decorating the bust generally. This cut is designed to accentuate the thighs while minimizing the size. A nightgown may be sleeveless and may have thin straps, but it follows the shape of the body a little closer to the hips.

With all their similarities, the biggest difference between the nightgown and the nightie is the hemline. A shirt can be at any length. The hem can stop at the hips or ankles or 3/4. The nightie usually goes down to the thigh.

The nightgown for maternity and breastfeeding

For all women, childbirth is a very important step and breastfeeding comes later. To live serenely these two events, it is necessary to be comfortable in his clothes. The nightgown will be a flagship clothing for the maternity. First, it is comfortable and lightweight. It can also be very aesthetic for the mother to be presentable by welcoming visitors to the hospital. For breastfeeding, the mother is free to move. She only has to choose a model with an opening on the chest and the round will be played. The nightgown for maternity and nursing should be cotton, silk or flannel. Avoid synthetic materials. Dads who need to take care of the mom and baby at home will also be able to opt for a loose and comfortable nightgown.

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