Where To Find Quality Vape Supplies

by Maggie Bloom Freelance Writer

Where To Find Quality Vape Supplies

A vaping habit can be extremely soothing. For those that are working multiple gigs or working and going to school, sitting down during a break and microdosing with a CBD pen can really help you calm down and prep for the next task. Focus can be a lot easier with a quick vaping break.

Watch the Filters

Whether you eventually want a reusable pen with pre-packaged juice or are interested in mixing your own, you may decide to start with a disposable pen. A lot of the cheapest disposables can be risky. For example, they may have a cotton filter, and the heating element can be sketchy.

Instead, consider investing in a disposable with a ceramic filter. The ceramic filter vaping pens are a bit more money, but any manufacturer who goes to the trouble to add a ceramic filter isn't going to use an inconsistent heating element. Ceramic generally means the quality level is better.

Is Plume Your Thing?

If you are big on a full plume, check out the authentic CCell vapes, available in disposable, reusable, and refillable. These pens have an extremely high-quality heating element that makes it possible to really light up the thicker oils.

The key to plume is to put a thicker oil over a consistent high heat so full vaporizing can take place. Pay special attention to the temperature of the pen, and if possible, invest in a pen with a top range or temp control.

You need your pen to fully heat the oil for complete vaporization. If it gets too hot, it burns and leaves the particulate matter in your lungs. If it doesn't get hot enough, it leaves waxy particles in the vapor, which also sticks in your lungs.

Buy From A Reputable Distributor

If you're buying from a CBD or vaping shop, find out where their oils come from and track down the manufacturer. Look for organically farmed hemp to make sure that whatever product you're vaping is harvested from clean soil.

For those who like to buy custom mixes, ask to see the mixing bench. Take a good look at the mixing tools, and watch the mixologists as they work. How are the bottles and pipettes cleaned? Are things allowed to air dry, and if so, are they stored right side up or upside down? Water and time in a test tube or a pipette can grow some nasty creatures that you don't want in your vape mix, so if you're not sure of the mix shop quality, buy pre-packaged or shop elsewhere.

Mix With Care

Mixing your own vaping liquids is interesting science and will give you the chance to develop your own favorite flavors and concentrations. You will need some supplies in addition to your vaping raw goods, including

  • scales

  • gloves and a mask

  • goggles

  • measuring tools

  • small plastic bottles

Keeping all this gear clean and organized is critical to your safety. Additionally, having a space to mix in peace and quiet is critically important if you're using nicotine.

Are you interested in becoming a vape juice mixer? Be aware that you can save money with this method, but you need to be a detail-oriented person who doesn't skimp on the details.

Know Yourself

Mixing your own juice is an interesting idea, but the learning curve is steep and the risks to your health can be severe if you're not really careful every time you handle the product.

Start with the pre-packaged products and come back to the mixing idea when you have a working knowledge of your likes, dislikes, and ultimate goals. Unless you're really sure you can't find the blend you want commercially, be ready to treat your mixing practice as a part-time job. Some of these products can put you in the emergency room, so don't go into this unless you're sure.

Vaping can be done for relaxation, for fun or to help you manage serious health concerns. No matter your vaping goals and desires, try to work with a dispensary or a provider that is strongly focused on healthy products and safe use first, then look for cool gear.

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