Where Should Vape Retailers Buy E-Liquid - Manufacturer Or Distributors?

by Kate Brownell A writer by choice.

Choosing between manufacturers and distributors that supplies bulk vape juice, can be quite bafflement. 

While both have their fair share of merits, it makes a whole lot of sense as a vape retailer to source your products directly from the manufacturer. 

This post discusses the plausible benefits of working with an e juice manufacturing company in Australia

It promises maximum savings

All vape retailers in Australia are aware of multiple overhead costs that form a significant part of their business. Thus, it makes sense to save as much as possible from all possible angles.

In other words, buying from Oem E Liquid manufacturer in Australia gives you direct access to first-grade quality products at a much affordable price than others.

Besides, it's also a good way to oust the distributor who generally acts as the middleman in the whole deal charging hefty fees. Thus, the only thing that you end up paying is for the labour expenses at the manufacturers end. Shipping from one warehouse to another is also taken care of.

Lastly, buying from local private label manufacturers in Australia means you get products at a much lower price per unit since buying white label juice wholesale is always cost-effective. 

Varying bottle sizes

When you buy products from an Oem Eliquid manufacturer in Australia, they offer you a choice to select from varying bottle sizes.

This is favourable, as not every customer will love the same flavor, and hence they will get an option to order a smaller sized bottle to test out things. 

On the other end, having varying sizes of bottles for e liquids also helps in repeat business, where the customer having liked a flavour will return to buy the same stuff in a greater quantity. 

Access to significant business data 

Perhaps, one of the greatest perks of working directly with local private label manufacturers in Australia is getting your hands on to crucial business data. It includes insights into top selling flavours, their ingredients, supply details and much more. Such information can help rising vape retailers in Australia garner the best deals in the market and stand out from their competitors. 

Rapport Building

Sourcing your vaping products directly from an Oem E Liquid manufacturer in Australia also allows for significant rapport building with industry experts. 

Doing so will put you in the best position where the manufacturer will think of you first when wanting to make a deal for new and upcoming products.

Besides, when you work with manufacturers, it brings you in close contact with several industry experts. As a retailer looking to make a mark in your business, you can learn a whole lot of stuff from them, which in turn can help you take your business to new heights of success.

No dearth of supply 

Running out of supply is detrimental for any business, regardless of its size. 

Chances are a customer looking for a particular product may return empty-handed from your retail store. It means your direct competitor will get a chance to rope in the customer who would then shift his preference instantly. 

Such incidents, from time to time, do no good to one’s business. Especially, in the case of vapes, where the market is saturated with similar products being sold by multiple retailers in the row.

However, when you are directly purchasing vape wholesale goods from manufacturers, things ought to be in your favor. 

If there’s an urgent need for products or a huge order coming in, you can always get the e liquids shipped to your store within a day or two, something that is not possible when working with a distributor. 

Wrap up 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Now that you know the benefits of ordering vape supplies from local private label manufacturers in Australia, it's time to put things into action.

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