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Deciding to choose between 2 countries may quite often be a challenge. The reasons could be many ranging from as diverse as cultural compatibility, course availability, college reputation, and dissemination of learning to the likability of the place itself. When countries are at par in terms of credibility, one needs to look further into reasons and thus decide. The present article is devoted to knowing additional variable to figure out who holds the claim to dominance and to what extent such things should impact our study destination.

England or the UK is more popular in terms of awareness and global appeal. The UK holds an enviable position of being one of the finest study destinations and a place of some of the biggest and finest company offices. There are global business districts like Canary Wharf, London, and Sheffield City Centre. Studying in London will provide you with a worldly experience at an unmatched quality and growth opportunity. Ireland, on the other hand, is perhaps one of the most beautiful countries in the world with some of the most breath-taking natural landscapes and a vibrant history. The region is similar to countryside regions of the metropolis and yet offers international standards in learning. The major cities in Ireland tend to be smaller and more manageable than those in England.


Top universities in the UK are well equipped to offer a much broader range of subjects in all areas viz. maths, science, humanities, business, arts & fashion. The place is also conducive for research in some of the best universities like the London School of Economics, Oxford, Cambridge, and University of Westminster without much difficulty. The place is ideally suited for international students.

Manchester regarded as the “capital” of the north of England is aptly called the best student city due to a predominance of the young and energetic student community. The University of Manchester is a great school for students interested in studying arts and history not just because of its academic programs but also because of its historical and cultural sites, love for music and soccer that shall provide an immersive and hands-on experience. The city has remnants of the Industrial Revolution evident from cloth and sugar mills. Top universities in Ireland are the Dublin City University, National University of Ireland, and the Trinity College.


England is home to over 40,000 football clubs, and the sport is worshipped throughout the county. Apart from it, England is also known for its contributions to literature with world-renowned authors like William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and JK Rowling of the Harry Potter series.  The Beatles and the Rolling Stones have given the finest pieces of music to the modern world. The people, however, are infamous for their sarcastic humour and may be hostile to people from Asia.

While studying in Ireland may not provide the diversity of academic options from its 20 universities spread across the country, but as a country, it is known for its friendly attitude and a very friendly culture one that embraces all people irrespective of place, origin, and ethnic background. The country is home to world-renowned schools with excellent academic programs, particularly in English, Literature, Technology, and History. These factors make studying in Ireland a truly delightful experience. Irish people love talking to people and also supportive during times of need. The place also offers opportunities for excursions into Ireland’s small, quaint towns, and lush green countryside.


Both England and Ireland are pretty expensive study abroad destinations and as such much difficult to compare. Surprisingly enough, both countries also offer plenty of scholarships opportunities to benefit from in your chosen field of study. For information on scholarships, please refer to our previous articles. Apart from it, there are a number of choices available for accommodation and food, which can be availed from discount stores on a regular basis without difficulty.

In may thus be reasonably inferred that cost is not a prime determiner for choosing between UK and Ireland for international studies. But if you plan to pursue an international degree in management and science, the UK may be a better bet. For arts, music, and other courses in humanities Ireland is definitely an ideal choice meeting the twin objectives of learning and pleasure.

Overall, you shouldn’t base your decision on whether to study in England or Ireland too much on cost, as the countries are similar in terms of cost of living. Rather, when comparing costs, you should compare specific programs you are interested in, in each country. Be sure to take into account other important factors that distinguish these countries from one another, such as universities, specific areas of study, culture, and lifestyle, when making your decision of where to study.


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